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Ziggy Marley – Love Is My Religion

Love Is My Religion‘Reggae music is simple music–but it’s from the heart. Just as people need water to drink, people also need music. If it is true music, then people will be drawn to it.’ – Ziggy Marley

Ziggy’s second solo album, Love is My Religion is light and tasty.

Drawing on his undeniable reggae roots, Ziggy fuses West African styles, acoustic guitar, reggae licks and dubs to produce a smooth 12-track album.  Writing playing and producing most of the album, David ‘Ziggy’ Marley proves himself again as a multi-talented musician. (more…)

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Homegrown Dub

Homegrown DubOriginal Katchafire tracks 100% remixed (Mai Music)

As far back as 1967 Jamaican Sound Systems have sought after what they considered to be an ‘exclusive’ or a ‘special’. Back then, these rarities, were simple instrumentals of original tracks (i.e. songs without the vocals) that the sound systems requested from the studios – the dub was born. Finding commercial success provided the lifeline for these so-called ‘dubs’. (more…)

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