Million Dan

Million DanHailing from London UK, Million Dan is one of the most exciting urban hip-hop, hip-hop/reggae artists to ever emerge from the United Kingdom.

Million Dan aka Mike J first exploded on the scene as a kid as a member of the groundbreaking UK ragga hip-hop outfit “The Demon Boyz”. “The Demon Boyz” brought a fresh angle and energy to hip-hop music worldwide, delivering some huge singles and albums that won them some of the industries most respected awards.

After several years of touring “The Demon Boyz” went their separate ways and Million began to focus on his dreams of becoming a solo artist. It was a long journey of personal development that allowed him to travel all over Europe, Jamaica and Canada and truly come into his own as a vocalist, developing a huge following for his distinctive lyrical style. (more…)

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BudspellsIf you follow reggae music and its related hybrids in Aotearoa and Australia with any degree of interest, chances are you have probably heard of Budspells from Bondi Beach, Sydney.  

Relatively unknown as a group until fairly recently, Budspells have stormed radio stations and dancehalls across both countries with their infectious ragga hip-hop and reggae jungle grooves.  A strong alliance formed in 2005 with Salmonella Dub and the Dub Conspiracy Music Group, has allowed them to tour extensively and play support at numerous well-attended events, quickly building a strong and loyal fan base. (more…)

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