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Newtown Festival DJ Stage

Where: Riddiford St, Newtown (opposite Newtown Ave, near Newtown Mall)

When: Sunday 12:00pm 2nd Mar 2008 – 5:00am

Newtown Sound in association with PDSL presents: The Newtown Festival Fair Day ‘DJ STAGE’. Located in the heart of Newtown, the stage will be situated at Newtown Ave, a hot spot of cultural diversity and activity, reflecting Newtown’s many faces and peoples.

With performances and music from all over the world, the DJ Stage promises to be an exciting part of this year’s festival fair day. Some of Wellington’s finest DJs, including many from Newtown itself, will showcase urban music influenced and created in Africa, India, USA, Jamaica, and right here in Newtown. (more…)

Dubcall – Dead But Dreaming

Dead but DreamingAfter two mouths with Dubcall’s album on high rotation at my crib, the club and at a number of festivals this summer (it sounds huge on a big rig), I have finally have the words to describe his album to the masses – unbelievable!

When NiceUp handed me Dubcall’s debut album I didn’t know what to expect.  It’s awesome being introduced to new music this way and I can safely say I have been hooked on Dubcall ever since! 

To fill you in, Dubcall is a Swedish-based producer that handles everything on this heavy weight dub album, from the very live sounding drums to the driving bass lines, haunting keys and the massive dub outs.  He is influenced by the original dub masters – King Tubby, Lee Perry, and Augustus Pablo.    (more…)

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Lady Saw – Walk Out

Walk OutVP Records/Hardwax (2008)

Lady Saw – the queen of dancehall – reaffirms her top spot as dancehall’s first lady with the release of Walk Out.  In an industry dominated by men, Lady Saw has stayed on top as not only a songstress, but a producer, DJ and song writer.  (more…)

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Conscious Roots 4

Conscious Roots 4Moving Production (2008)

The Conscious Roots compilations are a bit of an institution in the Aotearoa roots scene. The first edition was truly inspiring. It enlightened untold numbers of kiwis, including myself, to the fact that there was more reggae than Robert Nesta.  (more…)

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Raggamuffin 2008

Raggamuffin 2008Saturday 2 February 2008 @ Rotorua International Stadium, Rotorua.

First of all I would like to give all the artists a full 21-gun salute – lighter, lighter, lighter. Big up massive for doing such a good job and creating such a loving, peaceful vibe.  (more…)

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J-StarI’m doing about 60 shows in New Zealand, we’ll be playing at people’s houses, caravan parks, retirement villages. They might get one record each, but hey, it’s a show right. You know how it is, I do about 80 press-ups every morning when I wake up, so I must be doing about 80 shows?’

J Star is a funny guy, a not so typical geezer from the UK with a joke for every occasion. You wouldn’t expect any less though from a man who forged his musical reputation through bootleg records and DJ sets that blend all the best elements of classic hip hop and early rockers reggae into an explosive cocktail of good vibe party times. ‘I dunno man, I like that kinda sound, old reggae, funk, jungle, hip hop, reggae with cornflakes, reggae for toothpaste, reggae with TV and I made some big party records people really like. I think as fans of reggae and hip-hop we love seeing those two worlds collide.’ he says. (more…)

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Sean Paul – Stage One

Stage OneVP Records/Hardwax

With the worldwide success of Sean Paul’s Dutty Rock (2002) and The Trinity (2005) it only seems appropriate for VP and Hardwax to be re-releasing Stage One, Sean Paul’s much overlooked debut released in 2000. (more…)

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Hot Gal Top Ten – February 2008

Hot GalHot Gal originates from Zimbabwe where she grew up listening to a steady diet of Ragga.

She really became immersed in Reggae when she arrived in New Zealand and learnt more about Dancehall and the scene world-wide. She says the scene is like a ‘volcano waiting to erupt in New Zealand, and it’s gotten me fired up’! (more…)

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