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Luciano – Jah Is My Navigator

Jah Is My NavigatorAnyone who has experienced Luciano live will understand why he is known as ‘The Messenger’.  Luciano carries positive vibes with him, spreading the message of Jah and uplifting those around him. Jah is My Navigator, his most recent offering, gives listeners an insight into how he generates the energy to be such an inspiration. 

With 40-plus albums in his wake, Luciano is a hard working and productive artist who doesn’t disappoint. Jah is My Navigator is no exception.  This is a true roots and culture album with the right balance of conscious lyrics, classic reggae re-workings, new roots, spiritual songs and lovers’ ballads. (more…)

Beta Simon – Kraity Payan Guez

Kraity Payan GuezOver the past three decades the Ivory Coast has consistently yielded some of the best African reggae. The pity is that Ivory Coast artists – and African artists at large – seldom have access to European and US distribution channels. As a consequence the international audience has only limited access to these productions or at best only years after they have been enjoyed in their originating countries.

Take my latest favourite, Beta Simon and his album Kraity Payan Guez. Heir of a long African storytelling tradition, Beta Simon is a well known reggae singer on the African continent.  His third opus, first released in Western Africa in 2005, has only been released internationally late 2007. (more…)

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Crate Killaz – The New Zealand Dubplate Story

Crate KillazCrate Killaz is the first release of its kind in Aotearoa – a collection of dubplates from New Zealand reggae crews that spans a generation of sound-system culture from the North to the South.

In dancehall culture, Dubplates are exclusive versions of a song.  Originally a one-off acetate version of a tune, voiced or mixed exclusively for a particular sound-system, now dubplates are usually burnt to CD or encoded as mp3, but are still exclusive voicings or mixes.  Traditionally they have been used by sound-systems to compete against each other in sound clashes. (more…)

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Stinky Jim Top Ten – April 2008

Stinky JimStinky Jim is a broadcaster (95bFM, Stinky Grooves since 1990) music journalist (Listener, Real Groove etc), record company owner/operator (Round Trip Mars .. SJD, Phelps & Munro, James Duncan, Jefferson Belt, The Naked And Famous etc) occasional studio type (Phase 5, Soundproof, Unitone Hi Fi) and most importantly – for over 20 years, a DJ/selector. (more…)

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