Alborosie and Lady Saw at Eurockeennes Festival – 5/6/7 July 2008, Belfort, France

AlborosieI realised after reading through a recent post on the NiceUp forum how lucky I was to attend the Eurockeennes festival a week ago in Belfort, France. This is one of Frances’ oldest and biggest festivals, and despite the initial focus on rock it now includes a lot of other types of music, ranging from electro to French hip-hop and reggae dancehall.

This year the festival was celebrating its 20th anniversary and the line-up lived up to the occasion. Amongst acts such as Massive Attack, the Offspring and Moby, were Alborosie and Lady Saw. (more…)

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Battle-Ska Galactica – 21 June 2008, Wellington

Battle-Ska GalacticaThe New Zealand Ska scene has grown heaps in the last couple of years. Acts like The Managers and The Yoots have really come to the fore with their infectious rudy grooves and this year saw the launch of our first homegrown Ska festival – Toots and Grooves. Another band which is really moving the Ska scene forward is Wellington-based Battleska Galactica. 

As you might have guessed by their name, Battleska don’t take themselves too seriously. But they do play some seriously good music. Their sound draws heavy influence from both the original Skatilites Ska sound, and the second wave ‘two tone’ movement spearheaded by the British band, The Specials.  (more…)

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Sizzla and The Firehouse Crew – 23 May, Munich, Germany

Sizzla posterMy wife and I arrived in Munich two months prior to this gig.  Unfortunately I overlooked how hard it is to settle into a new city, in a new country. All the while we have been waiting for the ship with our personal effects including my records, tables, bikes and toys etc to arrive. Also making friends and contacts takes time, so naturally I was feeling a little down and out. But then I saw it, near the Munich Underground – an old dirty wall covered with tags and old posters with a fresh new poster on it ‘Sizzla and The Firehouse crew’!


Raggamuffin 2008

Raggamuffin 2008Saturday 2 February 2008 @ Rotorua International Stadium, Rotorua.

First of all I would like to give all the artists a full 21-gun salute – lighter, lighter, lighter. Big up massive for doing such a good job and creating such a loving, peaceful vibe.  (more…)

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Lady Saw

Lady SawThursday 17 January 2008 @ Galatos, Auckland

The first Lady of Dancehall, Lady Saw, the Queen of Dancehall, Marion Hall, Mama Saw – no matter which name she goes by she is one wicked and talented songstress (and deejay/producer/songwriter!). All those who got to see her perform at Galatos or the Big Day Out in Auckland will be in no doubt about this. (more…)

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Parihaka Peace Festival 2008

11, 12 & 13 January @ Parihaka, TaranakiParihaka 2008.

‘Haere mai e te motu me te aao, kia kite koe i te puapua’

-Draw close, welcome, people of the land people of the world, so you can see the source of song… (more…)

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