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Ghetto Red Hot CD Release Tour 2009

WGTN – Sat 18 April @ Vintage Bar

Featuring Art Official , Sticky Fingaz & MC JP Money, 10pm, $10 with mix-CD, $5 without

CHCH – Thurs 30 April @ Concrete Bar

Featuring Messenjah & Art Official, 10pm, $10 with mix-CD, $5 without

AKLD – Fri 1 May @ Basement Bar

Featuring Dam Native, Art Official, DJ Substance & MC Arme , 10pm, $15 with mix-CD, $10 without


Renowned around the country for spreading the blazing-hot musical combination of heavy 80s, 90s and current dancehall reggae with the classic old-school and new-school Jamaican influenced hip-hop from the UK, US, Canada, Europe and NZ, Ghetto Red Hot returns to bring the heat in the ’09!

These dances celebrate the release of Volume 4 in the Ghetto Red Hot mix-CD series, brought to you by the don dada of hip-hop reggae, Art Official!

Always a night to remember, Ghetto Red Hot has served up the best of the best and fittest of the fittest local & international DJs and MCs – don’t miss the latest installment of dancefloor heat – fire cyaan cool!

More info:
Newtown Sound

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Interview with Bruno Natal

Dub EchoesDub Echoes is a documentary directed by Bruno Natal (Brazil) that traces the origins of Jamaican dub music and its huge influence on the development of other musical forms including hip-hop and electronica. It chronicles the evolution of sound and bass and shows how the Jamaican invention called dub has influenced much of the music we hear today and transformed the studio into a musical instrument. (more…)

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Summerset stage18 April @ Basin Reserve, Wellington

This is the third year Sandwiches has presented the Summerset festival at the Basin Reserve. Showcasing twelve hours of local and international music, Summerset is definitely one of the highlights of the year and also signals the end of summer.  This year the weather was fantastic, the venue iconic and good vibes were had from a diverse crowd.  (more…)

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Easy Star All Star’s Lonely Heart’s Dub Band

Easy Star All Star's Lonely Heart's Dub Band album coverSgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band has been described as The Beatles’ magnum opus and was ranked the greatest album of all time by Rolling Stone in 2003. Surely these are a few facts for consideration before any musician attempts to cover any of Sgt. Pepper’s classic rock/pop tunes.

So what are the odds of a musical reggae-dub collective doing this and doing it well? I’ve heard too many lackluster rub-a-dub karaoke ‘versions’ of reggae classics and Beatles classics too for that matter.


Ghetto Red Hot

Art OfficialArt Official talks about Ghetto Red Hot – a series of parties and mix-CDs he has been producing for the last five years.

Can you give us a bit of an idea about how you came up with the concept of Ghetto Red Hot (GRH)?  When did it begin?  How did it evolve?

The idea of GRH was something that seemed to come naturally – it was just a way of embracing two kinds of music that I’ve been really passionate about – hip-hop and dancehall reggae. Basically celebrating the fact that they are both seeds from the same musical family – Jr Reid described it best when he said ‘hip-hop music and reggae music are one blood’.

Substance Top Ten – April 2009

SubstanceDJ Substance has been on the grind in the NZ hip-hop scene for many years now.

Based in Auckland city, he is the DJ for the Breakin’ Wreckword record label and has completed national and international tours with Cyphanetik, R.E.S., Usual Suspects, Ethical and Tourettes. He is also the tour DJ for Young Sid and Ethical, and works with the Homebrew crew. (more…)

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