Interview with Three Houses Down

Three Houses DownBreak Out, the new album from Three Houses Down, entered the NZ chart at number thirty-four. The night after this interview I was lucky enough to catch them live at Hope Brothers in Wellington.  I went expecting a big crowd but arrived to a sold out full house, and it was a Thursday night! The crew played an awesome set and were joined on stage by guest vocalist, Fiji.


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Parihaka 2010

The Parihaka International Peace Festival will take place on 8 – 10 Jan 2010 and features some of New ZealandTe Miringa Hohaia‘s best cultural and artistic talent.

NiceUp talks to festival director, Te Miringa Hohaia about the evolution of the festival and its key message – facing the challenges, being a part of the solutions. (more…)

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Interview with Andrew Penman from Salmonella Dub

Salmonella DubI caught up with Andrew Penman from Salmonella Dub and chatted with him about outdoor festivals, the Freak Local EP, their new Freak Controller album, and dub music in NZ. I had just got back from nine hours of work on a building site and was still in my overalls and Andrew was walking the coastline of Kaikoura sipping on a gin and tonic! (more…)

Interview with Cavi Borges – director of L.A.P.A.

LAPANiceUp talks to Cavi Borges, director of L.A.P.A. – a film about the melting pot and focal point of Rio’s vibrant music scene and the Brazilian artists that live and work there.

Cavi, can you tell us a bit about your background and how you got into film?

The hip-hop scene in Rio de Janeiro is totally underground. There are a lot of great MCs but nobody knows about them. The radio stations and television just shows American hip-hop. I directed L.A.P.A. with Emilio Domingos and we decided to showcase different artists – Brazilian artists – and show how they live and work with their music.  We decided to especially focus on hip-hop. (more…)

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Interview with Cotti

CottiNiceUp talks to UK producer and selector, Cotti, reaching our shores this November. 

First up can you introduce yourself and give the readers a bit of info about your musical background?

Yo, my name’s Cotti, I make dubstep and I also used to be involved in the UK grime scene.  I started out making UKG or Garage and I’ve been making music for about ten years now.  I’m currently involved in the growing dubstep scene and travel the world playing my own unique style of dubstep (vocal/dub) in many clubs and festivals in many different towns and cities. (more…)

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Interview with MC Silva

MC SilvaNiceUp talks to dancehall queen – MC Silva – a woman bringing the hip-hop reggae vibes to Aotearoa.

You’ve been surrounded by music all of your life – can you tell us a bit about your background and how you came to follow a musical path?

Well, my mother played piano when I was younger and my father was in a reggae band and part of the Rasta movement.  I also have an older brother (Tuffy Culture) who was running round town doing lots of MC gigs.  I’ve always loved to sing and rap and having my parents and brother in the music business helped me to develop my talent. (more…)

Interview with Ras Stone

Ras StoneNiceUp talks to Ras Stone – the Ghanaian vocalist helping roots reggae to rise up in Aotearoa.

Please introduce yourself Ras!  What lead you onto a musical path?

Greetings NiceUp, I am Ras Stone, the Ghanaian who reached Aotearoa via London! Thank you for inviting me to do this interview, keep up the good work!
I have always been interested in music and was surrounded by music from an early age. From memory I remember hearing all sorts of music blaring from houses early in the morning around Nima, Ghana, where we used to live. I used to get my mum to line up her cooking pots for me to use as drums or anything that sounded musical to me as we couldn’t afford instruments. (more…)

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Interview with Elephant Wise

Elephant WiseKenyan-born, Australian-based artist, Elephant Wise, talks to NiceUp about his debut album, The Reasoning and reggae works happening across the Tasman.

Can you tell us a bit about your background and how you got into reggae?

Well I’m a fifth generation coolie from Kenya and my mother is Swedish. In Kenya reggae music is a part of day-to-day life so it was just something that was around me from day one.

Later on in my teens I moved to Europe where I saw reggae music go from a small movement to absolutely exploding with tons of reggae sound-systems and festivals popping up everywhere.

It was around that time I started getting into the whole sound-system culture but it wasn’t until later on after moving to Australia in 2005 that I started working the mic and eventually becoming a reggae artist. 


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The Solomonics

Willi the KidNiceUp talks to Auckland-based selector, producer and musician, Willi the Kid, about his latest project – The Solomonic Band.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your history in the NZ reggae scene?

I was born and raised in the heart of Grey Lynn, Auckland city.  I started DJing at around the age of thirteen  under the guidance of The Chaplin and Bass Steppa Sound who are also from Auckland.  At around seventeen I started playing bass guitar for a group called The Midnights, Earthtone Rockers and also working on other one-off projects.

I really started getting into events when I was about nineteen or twenty with the bigger underground dances that were happening like the Base FM vs Fleet FM sound-clash. (more…)

Soundclash Sound

Soundclash SoundNiceUp talks to MC Beau from Dunedin-based crew, Soundclash Sound.

Can you tell us a bit about the crew – who is in Soundclash and what are your backgrounds?

Soundclash Soundsystem consists of Selectors Mr J and Special K hosted and toasted by myself, MC Beau.

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