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Henry Junjo Lawes – Reggae Anthology: Volcano Eruption

Volcano EruptionThis is one of those compilations that pay tribute to a true hero of the Jamaican music business. Among just a few others, Henry ‘Junjo’ Lawes is almost solely responsible for the sound of early dancehall music, and so many of its timeless hits.

So much so, that if you were to list the successful and popular Jamaican songs at the time (late 70s to early/mid 80s), the names ‘Junjo’, ‘Volcano’, and ‘Jah Guidance’, would resonate thunderously. He also played an important part in spreading the sound internationally, particularly in the UK with his connection to Greensleeves Records(more…)

Interview with DJ Stryda

DJ StrydaNiceUp talks to Bristol-based selector and promoter, DJ Stryda, about his longstanding Sufferah’s Choice radio show, his works with Dubkasm and Teachings in Dub and his thoughts on the state of roots reggae soundsystem culture in the UK.

First up, can you please introduce yourself to the New Zealand massive? 

Greetings, I’m DJ Stryda from Bristol in the UK.  Good to be talking with the New Zeland ites.


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Solo Banton – Walk Like Rasta

Walk Like Rasta coverWalk Like Rasta, released in January this year on Reality Shock Records, hits all my sweet spots. Solo Banton delivers his view on ‘what kind of role a Rastafarian artist should play in the music world‘ (Solo’s words), but with his tounge in his cheek and a sparkle in his eye, and all the skills that nearly twenty years in the sound system industry gives you.

I think Undercover aptly described this album as ‘ruff n tuff’. Solo journeys through his trademark digi-dancehall riddims, brushes some deep roots and playful skank (see Roots Rock Reggae) and rounds off the album with five dubs from UK versionists Russ D and Dougie Wardrop.

Solo Banton Top Ten – May 2010

Solo BantonSolo Banton has had a long career in the reggae music business as a top sound man and producer.

His time as a recording artist began relatively recently, when he linked with with Kris Kemist of Reality Shock Records. (more…)