Foundation Sound UK

Ed FoundationCan you introduce yourself and tell the people a bit about how Foundation Sound was formed and how it has developed?

Greets. Foundation Sound is a roots reggae sound system and record label, my name is Ed Foundation and I have been involved with Foundation since 1998.

The sound system was originally established in 1980 by Tony Roots when he returned to England from time spent in Jamaica with Joseph Hill and the mighty Culture.  Tony recognised a need in the local area (Norfolk, East UK) for some sort of musical outlet for reggae music and the message it carries, the sound was named by Joseph Hill.

In the 1980’s and early 90’s Foundation used to play all over the UK at festivals and dances.  The sound system wasn’t a sound that clashed with other sounds in them days, Foundation would warm up and be the support for bands that were reaching from London and Jamaica. (more…)

Interview with DJ Stryda

DJ StrydaNiceUp talks to Bristol-based selector and promoter, DJ Stryda, about his longstanding Sufferah’s Choice radio show, his works with Dubkasm and Teachings in Dub and his thoughts on the state of roots reggae soundsystem culture in the UK.

First up, can you please introduce yourself to the New Zealand massive? 

Greetings, I’m DJ Stryda from Bristol in the UK.  Good to be talking with the New Zeland ites.


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Interview with Mark Hardy a.k.a. Flexx Dem Proper

Mark HardyHawk i talks to Mark Hardy a.k.a. Flexx Dem Proper, dancehall artist from Trinidad and Tobago.

First up can you introduce yourself and tell New Zealand about the artist Mark Hardy?   

Greetings New Zealand! This is Mark Hardy a.k.a Mr. Flexx Dem Proper representing the twin island of Trinidad and Tobago. I’m a young artist, songwriter, beat maker and budding entertainment consultant. I’m currently on the final year of my law degree externally from the University of London and music is my life!   (more…)

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Interview with DJ Sweep

SweepHawk i talks to Wellington-based producer and selector, DJ Sweep.

First up can you tell the people a bit about your sound as a DJ and also as a producer?

I think with DJing it started off differently from where it’s at now.  I started off playing lounge beats having residencies at clubs round Wellington and playing all over the show.  I had a couple of years playing out quite intensively and I think the production reflects that my stuff can go from being all chilled to to being all party. (more…)

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Interview with The Uplifter

The UplifterNiceUp talks to UK reggae roots artist, Tom Uplifter, set to hit Aotearoa, April 2010.

Can you start by introducing yourself and telling the NZ massive about yourself and what the Uplifter is about?

The Uplifter really all hit full swing in 2003, since then things have just built and flourished beautifully in so many ways, all of which I am truly grateful for. The shows revolve around roots music: Reggae, Dub and Ska. The foundations of my involvement within the reggae scene were laid whilst working alongside many artists I highly respect: Groundation, The Slackers, Channel One, Vibronics, Zion Train, Dreadzone, The Black Seeds etc.  (more…)

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Interview with Mungo’s Hi Fi

Naram talks to Craig from Scottish reggae crew, Mungo’s Hi Fi, who will be reaching our shores this February for the One Love Waitangi Day Festival and two North Island shows on 12 and 13 February.

Right, let’s get the ball rolling with a bit of a background on how Mungo’s Hi Fi came into being?

Well, Mungo’s came into being in 2000, with a want to hear decent music in our own city and the finding of some speakers in a skip! It was started by Tom and Doug and I started DJing with them in about 2002 and Jerome around 2006.  (more…)

Interview with the Midnights

The MidnightsThe Midnights are a ska reggae band originally from Wellington who are now based in Auckland. They have been around for many years consistently touring and gigging.

I chatted to Leo from the crew before they play at the One Love Festival in Wellington on Waitangi Day, 6 February.

Roughly how long how have the Midnights been together?

Well, we’ve officially been together since 2010 but we are all old school friends and have been playing together since we were about 16 or something like that. We are an original reggae band we have a lot of different styles of song-writing and it all seems to come together in an original rockers ska style. (more…)

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