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Interview with Vintage

VintageIt’s April 2011, and it seems like more and more live reggae acts are popping up all over Aotearoa, certainly something we ain’t complaining about!  One band pushing forward and punching above their weight are the Newtown/Porirua based live band, Vintage.

Art catches up with two of the crew, Lafaele and Wiremu, as they set off on their Crucial Connexions Tour, alongside their friends and also Wellington based band, Aio. (more…)


NorthernXposureWhen we think of Scotland down here in New Zealand, we think of all the cliches the rest of the world usually does – kilts, bagpipes, haggis, funny little tartan hats and that thick accent. Well, NorthernXposure is proof that apart from the cliches, a bubbling cauldron of reggae and hip-hop culture also exists.

All I previously knew about the music scene in Scotland was that Mungo’s Hi Fi hailed from there, but after delving a little further and through a bit of snooping, I found this crew. The first time I heard them I nearly choked on my haggis – they bring a tight, lyrically driven, conscious breath of fresh air.

NorthernXposure have that something extra that is just so likable.  Is it the accent? Is it the lyrical content? Is it their choice of beats? I personally feel it is a perfect blend of all of these things.


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Firehouse Selections with Nardo

When: Friday 9:00pm 29th Apr 2011

Where: Havana – Wigan Street, Wellington

Nardo (Firehouse, Oz), Art Official, Vital Sounds, Hawk i, Undercover & Lady Acroline

Price: Free!

Special guest selector: NARDO from Firehouse Sound in Sydney hits Havana Bar (Wigan St, Wellington).

With local selectors Undercover, Hawk i, Lady Acroline, Manray  and Art Official.

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Atsushi Moisty – April 2011

Atsushi MoistyOriginally from Japan and now living in Auckland, New Zealand, Atsushi Moisty is a song writer, guitarist, band leader, promoter, DJ, producer and teacher. (more…)

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