Israel Starr talks about NiceUp TV

NiceUp TV logoIsrael Starr talks about NiceUp TV – a new project focusing on promoting the people building bass culture in Aotearoa, and world-wide.

So Israel, can you tell us a bit about NiceUp TV and how it came about? 

Bless up crew.  Well its basically an online YouTube TV channel which at this stage consists of interviews and music videos from reggae/dancehall artists and all branches of reggae, i.e. hip hop and drum n bass.  It has a strong emphasis on Aotearoa artists. It also includes interviews with producers, marketers, promoters etc, so it’s really giving an all-round view of the scene in Aotearoa. (more…)

Interview with Willi the Kid

Iron WillNiceUp talks to Auckland producer Willi the Kid about upcoming releases on his Riddim Central label, lessons he has learned in the world of production, and what’s fresh with NZ reggae and dancehall in 2011.

First up, please introduce yourself to the massive and tell us a bit about your musical background.  How did your love for reggae and dancehall develop?

Kia Ora Whanau! My name is Willi the Kid AKA Iron Will.  I’m a Producer, Instrumentalist, DJ and Promoter born and raised in central Auckland.

Well, some of my earliest and happiest memories are of my father putting on a record after dinner and the whole family dancing around, drumming on the couch ends to original Jamaican pressings of Gregory Isaacs (Mr Isaacs) Johnny Osbourne (Rub a Dub Soldier), Jimmy Cliff and Bob Marley.


Interview with Art Official & Israel Starr

Art Official and Israel StarrNiceUp talks to two of NZs leading artists who have linked up to take reggae music and culture forward.

First up, can you both introduce yourself to the massive and tell us a bit about your backgrounds?

Art – Greetings, Art here. I’m a reggae/dancehall selector and a hip-hop DJ who has been representing the music since 97 – doing radio, gigs/tours, mix-CDs etc. I also play some instruments and am getting into production more and more. Newtown is my yard and Newtown Sound is the name of the music house where I do my works from.


Interview with Vintage

VintageIt’s April 2011, and it seems like more and more live reggae acts are popping up all over Aotearoa, certainly something we ain’t complaining about!  One band pushing forward and punching above their weight are the Newtown/Porirua based live band, Vintage.

Art catches up with two of the crew, Lafaele and Wiremu, as they set off on their Crucial Connexions Tour, alongside their friends and also Wellington based band, Aio. (more…)

Interview with El Fata

El FataLet’s get the ball rolling with a fairly cliched but none-the-less important question: who is El Fata?

El Fata is a singer, a peacemaker. El Fata (real name Tobi) is the son of El Shaddai (Father the Almighty), the Anoited one of God (which is what El Fata stands for). Check this YouTube link(more…)

Interview with Spiderman from Jah Observer (UK)

SpidermanSad news for followers of vintage roots music: The Mighty Jah Observer Original Valve Sound System’s founder and selector, Austin ‘Spiderman’ Palmer is retiring from the sound business.

He leaves behind a legacy of memories including his annual spot at London’s Notting Hill Carnival on the corner of Talbot and Ledbury Road, and has introduced many a youngster to a forgotten classic or three. For his third and possibly final interview with Spider Angus Taylor asked him about his story and the music that has guided him along the way. (more…)

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Interview with Kris Kemist

Kris KemistNiceUp talks to Kris Kemist, founder of Reality Shock Records, UK.

What is your own musical background?

I grew up in a musical family still and started playing guitar from young. I caught the reggae bug as a teenager and started collecting records and selecting on a local sound. Eventually started producing when I was about 17. I later went to college and studied music production.

Can you tell us a bit about how you started Reality Shock – what gave you the inspiration to launch the label and when and how did you launch it?

It came about naturally really.  I was making riddims and started working with local artists and friends like Deadly Hunta, Mikey Murka, Prince Livijah and Aqua Livi.  Later Afrikan Simba and Errol Bellot came on board.


Interview with Riddim Tuffa Sound

Riddim TuffaNiceUp talks to Adham from the Riddim Tuffa crew in Edinburgh, Scotland.

First up, can you introduce yourself and give us a bit of background about the Riddim Tuffa crew?

Greetings! We are Riddim Tuffa Sound from Edinburgh in Scotland and we consist of two DJs and producers, myself, Adham and Frontline Selecta. (more…)