Interview with Ticklah

TicklahCarter Van Pelt talks to New York producer and artist, Ticklah, about his love for reggae music, the recording process, making creatively progressive music, and some of his many and varied projects.

You are one of a handful of non-Jamaican reggae producers who have a great reverence (hope that’s not an overstatement) for the aesthetic of some of the better Jamaican music and the production process that helped give it an identity. What are some of the aspects of Jamaican recording and the music itself, that initially hooked you, and what have you grown to appreciate that maybe you didn’t immediately notice or appreciate?

“Reverence” wouldn’t be an overstatement at all in my case. That’s exactly what I feel about what you refer to as the “better” Jamaican music. It’s hard for me to say what initially hooked me, other than that feeling that probably most people who are not born into an environment where reggae is what they grow up with feel if and when they get hit by reggae. Something like – “damn! this feels different from everything else I’ve heard…and I LOVE it!! MORE!!”. (more…)

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“It was just my calling, my number, in the universe” – An Eclectic Conversation With The Scientist

Scientist, Photo by Chuck Przybyl

Photo by Chuck Przybyl

If you haven’t heard it yet, his most recent album is a collaboration with a Chicago dub project: The Scientist Meets Ted Sirota’s Heavyweight Dub. It’s full of crucial echoes, proper basslines, and skillful instrumentation.

During a wide-ranging Skype conversation with Anderson Muth, aka The Groove Thief, the legendary Hopeton Overton Brown, aka The Scientist, weighed in on important social issues and also discussed Jamaican music’s past, present, and future. (more…)

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Interview with Speng Bond

Speng BondRub-a-Dub Raggamuffin Speng Bond has been ripping up dancehalls over Europe these past years, with contemporary hit tunes like ‘Tann Up Solid’ and ‘Ganjaman’.

This top dressed deejay talks to RedRobin about the early days, his memories of UK dancehalls in the 70s and 80s, linking up with Reality Shock, and where he gets his inspiration from. (more…)