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Interview with Oxman (Dub Vendor / Soul Jazz)

Ox at Dub Vendor

Ox at Dub Vendor

Eddie Oxman is an institution in the London reggae revive scene.

Perhaps most well-known internationally for his work with the renowned Dub Vendor and Soul Jazz crews, Oxman has a long and deep history, from running his own sound, producing, record collecting, to hosting dances. Whether selecting or on the mic, he is one of the best in the game. Conviction Roots caught up with Oxman at the Dub Vendor store in Soho, London.


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The Prospectors – Glory For I / The Brentford Rockers – Glory Dub

Glory For I(Bongo Man 7)

During my heavy collecting days, I always got a great deal of pleasure from picking up the lesser-known Studio One tunes. It seems strange to me that with all these Studio One/Coxsone compilations coming out, there are a number of superb mid-70s roots numbers that appear to be under the radar, so to speak. (more…)

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Israel Starr meets Dub Terminator ft. Gappy Ranks – No Response Fi Dat EP

No Response Fi DatRevisiting a tune from earlier this year, Dub Terminator takes his collaboration with Israel Starr and adds UK dancehall MC Gappy Ranks to the mix on this update to “No Response Fi Dat.”

On the opening re-edit, the driving force is the deep dub-hop bass-line – with appropriate echoes and subtle synths sneaking through – as this pair of verbal assassins ‘large up like sumo, load up the ammo’ in order to best address their inferior competitors. Israel Starr handles the chorus and outer verses, while Gappy Ranks makes the most of his brief appearance, boasting in baritone: ‘we no care who dem are, dem couldn’t go bar fi bar.’ (more…)

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Old Town Bashment

Old Town BashmentWhen: Friday 29 and Saturday 30 August

Where: Altstadtchilbi Untergasse 45 – Biel / Bienne, Switzerland

Line Up Friday, 7pm – 2.30am

Teacha Dee Live(Jamaica)
One Aim Soundsystem (Biel,CH)
Lion Powa Soundsystem (Biel, CH)
Ever Living Spirit (Biel, CH)

Line Up Saturday, 4pm – 3.30am

Big Mama Sound(Mannheim,D)
NiceUp Crew (Wellington, NZ)
Ever Living Spirit Sound (Biel,CH)
Root Block Soundsystem (Biel,CH)

Warm up by: Train Yard (Biel,CH)

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Daddy Gadman – No Human / Mic Shy

Daddy Gadman - No HumanRongorock 7″

Daddy Gadman’s “No Human” 7-inch is all about balancing catchy with serious. On the A-side of this Wrongtom production, the veteran UK MC speaks on some truth, with the chorus “no human should eat out of a garbage can”, cutting straight to the heart.

Examining poverty and wealth inequality from a personal and humanist perspective, Daddy Gadman makes the most of the subtle digital echoes of the Suzy riddim. (more…)

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Reddman UK – Time

Reddman UKYou may or not have heard of Reddman UK. That’s Reddman with two d’s and an added UK on the end, not to be confused with the other one who hangs about with Method Man. And you may or may not have heard Popcaan’s ‘Everything Nice’.

The former I actually know little about. What I do know is that he is a North Londoner and spends a lot of time with Gappy Ranks whose label, Hot Coffee Music, he is also signed to. I have heard bits and pieces from Reddman over the years and I have to say I have liked it all. The guy has a pretty unique voice, an almost crossover, deep falsetto style that wouldn’t be out of place on a hip-hop hook. (more…)

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NiceUp Monthly Mix – August 2014 – Fee

FeeFrom humble beginnings in Palmerston North, hosting a specialist house and techno radio show at age 16, to collecting records, moving to Melbourne in 2001, forming a crew, and running gigs, Fee says, ‘music has always been an integral part of who I am. My passion extends to different genres of music. House was my first love and reggae is who I am married to now!’ (more…)

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Kentucky – Only The Poorman Feel It

Kentucky - Only the Poor Man Feel ItInstantly upbeat and conscious, this rather rare digital reggae 12″ (which Deadly Dragon Sound System recently sold out of at US$150) is a scorching condemnation of Jamaican socioeconomics. Calling on the listener to ‘take a walk’ and ‘watch the big man sit up on top, lookin’ at we the poor people on the flat,’ Kentucky doesn’t romanticize the repetitive realities of Kingston’s yards. (more…)

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Addis Pablo – Imperial Melody

Imperial Crown riddimAddis is the son of the legendary Augustus Pablo, and here he is following in his father’s footsteps and continuing the ‘Pablo’ legacy on a heavy roots riddim, built by producer Frenchie for his Maximum Sounds imprint. (more…)

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