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Earl 16 – Vampires

Earl 16 - VampiresBless Burning Sound Records 12″

I can’t say enough about the productions that come out of the A-Lone Ark Muzik studio. Roberto Sanchez, comandante in charge of this studio, keeps pearling out heavy weight roots business, and this one from 2012 is my Track of the Week.

Jamaican born Earl 16, whose voice and lyrics have remained pure over five decades now, comes with a fresh take on Devon Iron’s “Ketch Vampire” single, originally cut for the original dub master Lee Perry way back in the mid 70s. Earl’s voice continues to cut through with melodically brilliance, singing this militant message over Sanchez’s heavy weight analog built riddim which drops incredibly heavy on a proper sound system or hi-fi. (more…)

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Rototom Sunsplash 2014

Rototom Sunsplash 201416 – 23 August @ Benicassim, Spain

Writing a review on a festival such as Rototom Sunsplash is a daunting challenge. This festival is in its 21th edition, and to give such an experience a fair representation is a hard feat.

Nevertheless I was conscious of this throughout the 8-days and balanced my time writing reviews, conducting interviews, and linking up with artists, activists, charity organisations, promoters, and other reggae enthusiasts (nerds….). And of course the rest of my time was taken trying to absorb all the music. (more…)

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NiceUp Monthly Mix – September 2014 – Dub Koala

Dub KoalaRecently returning to his homeland Aotearoa and settling in Wellington after a couple of years in Melbourne, Dub Koala’s experience of Melbourne’s sound system culture reaffirmed his love for dub, and introduced him to the sound of conscious heavy steppas. (more…)

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Protoje – Kingston Be Wise

Kingston Be WiseTune of week? Possibly my tune of the year. Released in 2012, I first heard this gem in a David Rodigan set in London and thought I need that on seven inch. It’s all killer no filler. (more…)

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Crucial Vibes Sound Station

Crucial Vibes Sound StationWhen: Saturday 13 September

Where: Schanzenstr 41A 20357, Hamburg

Crucial Vibes Sound System

Highn B
Chalwa Sound (Munster)
Hawk I (NiceUp Crew)
Mighty Howard

Original sound thing!

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Dubbing Sun & Digid meets Clinton Sly – Champion Sound

Dubbing Sun & DigidDubbing Sun, in collaboration with Digid, focus on the heavy vibes with their eponymous record label’s second 7″. The Austrian/Belgian collaboration brings a tight sense of production, from the prerequisite deep bass to the vintage horns to the smoothly layered dub effects. (more…)

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Dub Gabriel – Kulture / Freedom Fighter

Featuring Brooklyn Jungle Soundsystem, Ranking Joe, RSD, Dubmatix

(Destroy All Concepts 7″s)
Dub Gabriel - Kulture / Freedom Fighter

Dub Gabriel’s Destroy All Concepts label returns with a pair of 7″ releases, both featuring legendary reggae figures on the a-side and talented remixers on the reverse. While the digital previews have been floating around the clouds of sound for some months now, the limited edition wax editions will be shipping out shortly. (more…)

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The Soulites – Love Is The Song

Love Is The SongMy tune of the week is one of my tunes of all time!  I came across this beauty on one of my record shopping treks. It did not have an artist or title credit, but it was on the Gemini label. I thought it was the label associated with the legendary dancehall sound of the eighties, even though it looked earlier than a dancehall tune, but I took a chance on buying it. And it turned out it was not a dancehall tune at all, but a glorious 70s sweet roots tune. (more…)

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