The Groove Thief talks to Tour De Force at Reggae Sun Ska

Reggae Sun SkaThe Groove Thief traveled to Bordeaux, France, to represent NiceUp at the 2015 Reggae Sun Ska Festival. The following interview, with Jay Spaker [aka Double Tiger] and Quoc ‘Q’ Pham [aka Q-Mastah] – the duo behind both Tour De Force and Dub-Stuy Records – comes from backstage just after their performance.


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The Groove Thief speaks to Jacky Murda

Jacky MurdaSpeaking with Chopstick Dubplate’s Jacky Murda prior to his upcoming tour of Australia and New Zealand, The Groove Thief covers a range of topics with the veteran jungle producer.

Whether you’re already a fan, or curious about checking out a live show, his musical vision is made clear: what ‘future jungle’ means to him, the four records that influenced his style, the origins of Chopstick Dubplate, the process behind the 2014 hit “Worldwide Traveler” with Mr. Williamz and Top Cat, and what we’ll be hearing from him next. (more…)

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John Masouri feature on Eddie Murphy

Eddie MurphyThere’s more to Eddie Murphy than meets the eye, or even the ears come to think of it. Millions around the world know him as the star of films like Trading Places, Beverley Hills Cops, Coming To America or The Nutty Professor, but the comedian has other, more musical ambitions that may surprise a lot of his long-time fans. So what do you get the man who has everything? A hit reggae single would do nicely, and he’s made a fair start with two recent efforts – Red Light, shared with Snoop Dogg, and his own solo Oh Jah Jah, which made serious inroads into the iTunes’ charts earlier this year. (more…)

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