The long anticipated debut Ska album from Battle-Ska Galactica, ‘Everybody’s Got An Opinion’, prompts me to give my opinion. Sweet and Dandy!

This release is a lively eight-track LP from this seven-piece band. Battle-Ska are an accomplished, tight outfit, determined to get their listeners on the floor skanking with the best.

All the tracks are written by members of the Wellington-based band, and the unmistakable sound of 70s Two Tone comes through the rhythms, with the exception of possibly the last track ‘We Can Go All Night’. This tune throws in a slice of New Orleans Jazz, which belies the roots of the original Jamaican Ska, and states the attitude of the band who you feel would go all night if you let’em.

My personal favourite ‘Rude Boy Riot’ has a down beat feel that makes you chant and jump. This is closely followed in my mind by ‘Can A Man’, which has a wonderful mellow ‘Alpha Boy School’ feel in the horns. There is even a political message, played out in the irreverent yet punchy ‘Wake Up NZ’.

You’ve gotta beg, borrow or steal this album for your collection, because this band has got the touch.

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