NiceUp Monthly Mix – November 2014 – Texas Ranger

Texas RangerI would say that I first started listening to music while my mum was still carrying me. Before I was born, that is! As there was always music playing at home.

But thinking about it, the first tune that I can remember taking any notice of was 007 by the late Desmond Dekker, a tune that brings back memories of me jumping up and down in my cot while my Dad was playing records on the gram. My Dad was also a great lover of music and he would buy records every week, which would mean a trek to the other side of London to one of the specialist record stores. My Mum would also come home from work in the evening with records she had bought on her way home. (more…)

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NiceUp Monthly Mix – September 2014 – Dub Koala

Dub KoalaRecently returning to his homeland Aotearoa and settling in Wellington after a couple of years in Melbourne, Dub Koala’s experience of Melbourne’s sound system culture reaffirmed his love for dub, and introduced him to the sound of conscious heavy steppas. (more…)

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NiceUp Monthly Mix – August 2014 – Fee

FeeFrom humble beginnings in Palmerston North, hosting a specialist house and techno radio show at age 16, to collecting records, moving to Melbourne in 2001, forming a crew, and running gigs, Fee says, ‘music has always been an integral part of who I am. My passion extends to different genres of music. House was my first love and reggae is who I am married to now!’ (more…)

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NiceUp Monthly Mix – July 2014 – Ticklah (NYC)

TicklahMultifaceted musician and dub maestro, Ticklah, has been a continual and integral part of the NYC music scene for over a decade. With a natural knack for re-creating vintage Jamaican sounds, reggae revivalism lies at the forefront of his heavyweight productions.

In his exclusive mix for NiceUp, Ticklah focuses on songs which speak of global problems, alongside themes of devotion and perseverance. Inna Roots and Culture style! (more…)

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NiceUp Monthly Mix – March 2014 – Wreck It Up Crew

Wreck It Up CrewLondon’s best kept reggae secret, the Wreck It Up Crew, have been blowing the roof off clubs since way back when with their unique, positive, and uplifting style, harking back to sound system days when MCs and DJs worked in unison niceing up the dance.

Strictly vinyl and lyrics, the crew consists of a whole heap of legendary selectors and sound men who tear it up wherever they go. (more…)

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