NiceUp Monthly Mix – January 2015 – Keith Lawrence

Keith LawrenceThis selection represents one of my favourite phases of Reggae, the Rockers (Steppas, Roots Reggae if you like)of the mid-to-late-70s. The heavy basslines, rocking double-time drum patterns and percussion enthralled me at the time as they still do now. (more…)

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NiceUp Monthly Mix – January 2015

Earthlink SoundEarthlink Sound are one of Australasia’s top crews, formed in Perth in 2005 by original members Drummie Wotton, and Foodus from Jamaica. Over time the crew has evolved and included Sheriff Lindo, Simmo T, Choppa Crucial, Tatty Reps and Kritical. After returning to his native island, Foodus formed an Earthlinks Jamaican crew, and still plays to this day around the St Mary region. (more…)

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NiceUp Monthly Mix – December 2014 – DJ Stryda

DJ StrydaRepresenting Bristol, DJ Stryda has 18 years experience uplifting the masses with his Sufferah’s Choice radio show. He is also one half of the duo Dubkasm, who release top quality recordings on their Sufferah’s Choice Recordings label. (more…)

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NiceUp Monthly Mix – September 2014 – Dub Koala

Dub KoalaRecently returning to his homeland Aotearoa and settling in Wellington after a couple of years in Melbourne, Dub Koala’s experience of Melbourne’s sound system culture reaffirmed his love for dub, and introduced him to the sound of conscious heavy steppas. (more…)

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NiceUp Monthly Mix – August 2014 – Fee

FeeFrom humble beginnings in Palmerston North, hosting a specialist house and techno radio show at age 16, to collecting records, moving to Melbourne in 2001, forming a crew, and running gigs, Fee says, ‘music has always been an integral part of who I am. My passion extends to different genres of music. House was my first love and reggae is who I am married to now!’ (more…)

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NiceUp Monthly Mix – July 2014 – Ticklah (NYC)

TicklahMultifaceted musician and dub maestro, Ticklah, has been a continual and integral part of the NYC music scene for over a decade. With a natural knack for re-creating vintage Jamaican sounds, reggae revivalism lies at the forefront of his heavyweight productions.

In his exclusive mix for NiceUp, Ticklah focuses on songs which speak of global problems, alongside themes of devotion and perseverance. Inna Roots and Culture style! (more…)

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