Mikey Downbeat Top Ten – April 2016

Mikey DownbeatMikey Downbeat (Michael Wells) is a deep roots selector and sound system lover based out of Tāmaki-makau-rau, Auckland, Aotearoa. He is a stalwart collector of roots reggae music from Studio One to King Tubbys and the latest cutting edge dub-wise. (more…)

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Goa Sunsplash Festival – Interview with Diggy Dang

Goa Reggae SunsplashThe Goa Sunsplash Festival – India’s first festival dedicated to reggae and sound system culture – is set to shake the very foundations of Anjuna’s Nyex Beach on Saturday 16 January.

Organized by New Delhi crew Reggae Rajahs, there is a varied international lineup featuring headliner General Levy [UK] along with Naâman [FR], Steppa Style [RU], and Dub Smugglers [UK] amongst others. Additionally, coming from all over India are Delhi Sultanate, Dakta Dub, King Jassim and EZ Riser. (more…)

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The Groove Thief talks to Tour De Force at Reggae Sun Ska

Reggae Sun SkaThe Groove Thief traveled to Bordeaux, France, to represent NiceUp at the 2015 Reggae Sun Ska Festival. The following interview, with Jay Spaker [aka Double Tiger] and Quoc ‘Q’ Pham [aka Q-Mastah] – the duo behind both Tour De Force and Dub-Stuy Records – comes from backstage just after their performance.


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Rik Sonic Top Ten – October 2015

Rik SonicI was introduced to Jamaican music during my early teens, as a young rude boy growing up in Sydney, through the likes of The Specials and other bands of the 2Tone era.

Hearing their music and learning that it was influenced by Jamaican music of the 60s and early 70s sent me on a mission of sorts to discover the origins of the sounds, which, at that time in the mid-1980s, would mould my future musical tastes forever. (more…)

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