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Mikey Downbeat Top Ten – April 2016

Mikey DownbeatMikey Downbeat (Michael Wells) is a deep roots selector and sound system lover based out of Tāmaki-makau-rau, Auckland, Aotearoa. He is a stalwart collector of roots reggae music from Studio One to King Tubbys and the latest cutting edge dub-wise. (more…)

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Rik Sonic Top Ten – October 2015

Rik SonicI was introduced to Jamaican music during my early teens, as a young rude boy growing up in Sydney, through the likes of The Specials and other bands of the 2Tone era.

Hearing their music and learning that it was influenced by Jamaican music of the 60s and early 70s sent me on a mission of sorts to discover the origins of the sounds, which, at that time in the mid-1980s, would mould my future musical tastes forever. (more…)

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The Groove Thief Top Ten – December 2013

The Groove ThiefAnderson Muth, AKA The Groove Thief, is a dub and reggae selector currently based in Hong Kong. Raised in Colorado, USA, he has spent much of the last decade living and traveling in Asia while embracing a myriad of musical influences.

His eclectic bass-heavy style weaves together different eras and genres of Jamaican-influenced music, particularly digital reggae and rootstep. (more…)

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Confucius Top Ten – November 2013

ConfuciusWith more aliases than a fleeing fraudster, Paul Bimler AKA Nava, AKA Confucius, AKA Midnight Dubs, AKA Soulprovider, has been a fixture on the New Zealand DJ and production scene since 1999, when he released his debut EP as Confucius. (more…)

RedRobin Top Ten – September 2013

RedRobinMichael Robins A.K.A RedRobin is a Wellington selectah and documentary-maker. He grew up in the Paramount and Embassy Cinemas in New Zealand’s capital city, and worked for a few years in the national film industry before setting about traveling in 2008. (more…)

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Adrians Wall Top Ten – July 2013

Adrians WallAdrians Wall hails from the UK and in late-2011 moved to Australia, bringing his formidable sound system with him. He started collecting records at a very young age, acquiring a wide spread selection covering many genres, before getting heavily into ska in his early teens.

After going to the legendary Notting Hill Carnival in 2007, Adrian discovered sound system and Roots Music after seeing Channel One Sound System and being blown away. That fateful day was the beginning of digging and collecting roots vinyl and building the sound system. (more…)

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Sole & Paipo Top Ten – June 2013

Sole & PaipoSince beginning to collaborate musically just over six months ago, Sole (DJ/MC /Visuals) and Paipo (DJ) have fast become Westport’s busiest DJs. A chance meeting at an art fair and a shared love of bass-heavy dubwise tunes soon evolved into a weekly social night where a mixture of rum, reggae, ska, digital dub and jungle were eagerly consumed. (more…)

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Camo MC Top Ten – May 2013

Camo MCChristchurch’s Cam MC has come a long way since he first started rolling house parties in 2006. He is a host/lyricist with endless energy and potential. Fueled by the energy of the music and the crowd, Camo has an ability to work with DJ’s of all genres to take the atmosphere to a higher level.

Camo works across Drum and Bass, Glitch Hop, Jungle, Dubstep, House, Breaks, Dancehall, UK Garage, Grime, Hip Hop, Trap, Moobah and more, no genre is untouchable for this host with the most. (more…)

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Kindred Sound System Top Ten – April 2013

Kindred Sound SystemKindre Sound System are at the forefront of a new league of sounds coming up around New Zealand. They play only the best in heavy roots music from all round the globe.

Their custom sound system debuted in early 2011, after a three year build that included a lot of blood, sweat and tears, plus two major earthquakes in their hometown, Christchurch! In 2012 they took out the Christchurch sound clash title against two other big South Island sounds. (more…)

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Antsman Top Ten – March 2013

AntsmanAntsman aka DJ Choice One was raised in Christchurch, lived in Auckland and London, and has had his home base in Wellington since 1999.

When he was young, his parents gave him a portable three-in-one tuner/tape deck and record player that played 45s, which started his interest in needles on wax. Since then he has never stopped searching for the next treasure to discover, and he collects and plays mainly 45s in all kind of styles, especially spoken word and Viking Records.


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