Mungo’s Hi Fi & Charlie P – You See Me Star

You See Me StarScotch Bonnet (2015)

As frequent partners on sound systems and in the studio, Mungo’s Hi Fi & Charlie P‘s You See Me Star is a celebratory tour through riddims and across styles. Technically it’s the former featuring the latter, but in reality this album allows the comforts of collaboration to show, with the well-regarded Scottish crew bringing ten varied cuts to showcase the young UK vocalist. (more…)

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Beam Up – Innerstand

Beam Up - InnerstandRelease date: 9 March 2015 (BBE Music)

Beam Up’s album Innerstand steps strongly through a range of modern dub while also infusing tracks with wider influences. “I Must Be Dreaming” is a prime example: at 120bpm and full of reverb, it features an unexpectedly self-deprecating and romantic R&B-tinged vocal from Terrence Alfonso Bowry, rather than the expected lyrical content.


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Putus Roots – Be Wise

Putus Roots - Be WiseHaunting and heartfelt, “Be Wise” finds Putus Roots singing with conviction over a subtle acoustic track. Putus, also known as Delroy Williams, is one of the sons of Count Ossie – the famed Jamaican bandleader and Nyabinghi drummer who fused African musical traditions with Rastafarian beliefs, beginning in the late 1950s up until his death in 1976. Early recordings included the Folkes Brothers’ “Oh Carolina” (produced by Prince Buster), which had a definite influence on the formation of what would become ska music, though it’s Ossie’s later group, the Mystic Revelation of Rastafari, that is most well-known. (more…)

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Stand High Patrol – A Matter of Scale

Stand High Patrol - A Matter of Scale2LP, release 19 Jan 2015 (Stand High Records)

Back in 2009, a huge double-sided 12″ vinyl record dropped out of the north-western peninsular of France, from the rainy province of Brittany. A crew called Stand High Patrol featuring a previously unknown MC by the name of Pupajim who sung about “Business of War” and “Television Addict’s” delivered two great vocals over some deadly digital riddims. (more…)

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Danny T & Tradesman – Skin & Pull Out E.P.

Skin & Pull Out EPDanny T and Tradesman combine forces on this digital rub-a-dub 12″, appropriately released on Pure Niceness Records. With three quality vocal versions plus the riddim, this is a well-rounded piece of wax from King HiFi Sound System’s new label and a suitable followup to the Mr Williamz and Crystalaz pairing “Pull Over” that dropped earlier in 2014. (more…)

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Dubbing Sun & Digid meets Clinton Sly – Champion Sound

Dubbing Sun & DigidDubbing Sun, in collaboration with Digid, focus on the heavy vibes with their eponymous record label’s second 7″. The Austrian/Belgian collaboration brings a tight sense of production, from the prerequisite deep bass to the vintage horns to the smoothly layered dub effects. (more…)

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Dub Gabriel – Kulture / Freedom Fighter

Featuring Brooklyn Jungle Soundsystem, Ranking Joe, RSD, Dubmatix

(Destroy All Concepts 7″s)
Dub Gabriel - Kulture / Freedom Fighter

Dub Gabriel’s Destroy All Concepts label returns with a pair of 7″ releases, both featuring legendary reggae figures on the a-side and talented remixers on the reverse. While the digital previews have been floating around the clouds of sound for some months now, the limited edition wax editions will be shipping out shortly. (more…)

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Israel Starr meets Dub Terminator ft. Gappy Ranks – No Response Fi Dat EP

No Response Fi DatRevisiting a tune from earlier this year, Dub Terminator takes his collaboration with Israel Starr and adds UK dancehall MC Gappy Ranks to the mix on this update to “No Response Fi Dat.”

On the opening re-edit, the driving force is the deep dub-hop bass-line – with appropriate echoes and subtle synths sneaking through – as this pair of verbal assassins ‘large up like sumo, load up the ammo’ in order to best address their inferior competitors. Israel Starr handles the chorus and outer verses, while Gappy Ranks makes the most of his brief appearance, boasting in baritone: ‘we no care who dem are, dem couldn’t go bar fi bar.’ (more…)

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