By now most dancehall and dubstep heads should have heard of Dub Terminator. If you haven’t you’re missing out.

For those that haven’t heard the Dub Terminator sound – Dub Terminator and High Freequency released their first album, Soul Island Vol.1 as a digital promo release for radio and DJs in mid-2010.

2010 saw many highlights, including collaborations with fellow New Zealand reggae producer and Reality Chant founder Gabriel ‘Messenjah’ Calcott, for the remix of Fyah Bed (featuring Natty King) and Uniting (featuring Hua and Melloquence).

Dub Terminator also remixed the Rhombus track Bubble, featuring Rodney P. The remix was released on 12″ vinyl in late 2011 alongside the original Rhombus mix, and a remix by UK hip-hop icon DJ Skitz. Now though, Dub Terminator brings forth a brand new album Babylon Annihilation.

I like the overall sound of the album Babylon Annihilation,  with the stand out tunes for me being Call Me (featuring Melloquence), Let Me Know (featuring Senita Mogul), Bad Mind (featuring Ras Stone), and Man Like Me (again featuring Senita Mogul). In typical dub fashion, Dub Terminator uses a lot of effects and also re-uses some samples from his previous Soul Island Vol.1 release.

Call Me is modern dancehall style tune that is spaced out with lots of sound effects. Let Me Know also has a modern dancehall feel to it and is a love song of sorts, with Senita singing ‘Let me know if ecstasy is where you to reach, just let me know..’.

Bad Mind takes things back to a more conscious level, with MC Ras Stone calling out all bad minded people and asking them to change their evil ways while affirming his own inner strength, singing the chorus line ‘Bad mind you can can’t stop me now, Bad mind you can’t hold me back, You better back off’, over an easy hip-hop/dubstep tempo beat, with some typical Dub Terminator digital sound effects lacing over the track.

Man Like Me is also featured in Soul Island Vol.1, but over a different beat. This remix version is more on the dubstep side of things, but with a bit of a bashment/dancehall feel to it.

I recommend this album, and these tunes will be definitely be making their way onto my radio show on Radio Active. Seeing the Dub Terminator live show is also an experience, as he uses multiple effect units, turntables, laptops, as well as repping on the mic!

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