(Pisces 7”)

Underneath the massive body of well-known Black Ark/Lee Perry tunes, there are also a mass of lesser known peaches recorded at the infamous Black Ark. Usually these are found on smaller labels with artists who are not quite as well-known as say The Meditations, The Congos, and Max Romeo.

Children Crying is one of these. It is an absolute belter. Though the label says 1976, this is a really good example of what I always refer to as 72 roots. It has a more primitive sound then the Bunny Lee-like militant roots of the mid-to-late-70’s. If you listen carefully you can pick up the Black Ark ‘springy’ sound that graced so many recordings from that studio. It comes with a really nice, no frills bass and drum version. Don’t get me wrong, I love an effects drenched dub but these versions are so nice. They are crying out for a decent MC to get hold of them.

I found out about this tune some years back, not from hearing it in a dance or being told about it by another soundman or collector, but by a guy who posts a whole heap of Black Ark/Lee Perry tunes on YouTube. He goes by the name of ‘Black Ark Nuggets‘. Set aside some time and check out his channel. With the body of work that Lee Perry churned out, there are a few raspberries on there and they cover a wide range of styles, but these one-away tracks are up there with the best!

Plattsie OneVoice
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