Ghetto Red Hot Vol. 5

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The fifth mix in the Ghetto Red Hot Mix Series by DJ Art Official AKA Newtown Sound, which began in 2005.

A series dedicated to spreading the best in 80s, 90s and current dancehall reggae, with classic old and new-school Jamaican influenced hip-hop from the UK, US, Canada, Europe and NZ.

Featuring Newtown Sound, Israel Starr, Juse 1, Silva MC, Evil Mule, K*Saba, Kurst One, Jah Red Lion, Dub Terminator, Caged Lion, Rhombus in Dub and more.

More info:
NiceUp Crew SoundCloud
Newtown Sound website



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One Response to “Ghetto Red Hot Vol. 5”

  1. dome

    the download link nah work . it says permisson denied. could you fix it plz ? bless


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