NiceUp Dubs, Remixes & Rarities Mix by Reality Chant – April 2017

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Reality Chant Productions present an original selection of Dubs Remixes & Rarities from the Dubwize/Reality Chant vaults.

Complied and mixed by Messenjah, this showcase features original works from 2004-2017, including currently un-released gems. Big up all the singers, artists, remixers and producers featured.

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1. Hi Kee – Can’t Move (Dubplate)
2. Chrisinti – So High
3. Cian Finn – Look To The Future (Unreleased)
4. Reality Chant feat. Elijah Prophet – I’m Thankful
5. Reality Chant feat. Cornell Campbell – Father Says
6. Reality Chant feat. Cornell Campbell – Father Says Dub
7. Reality Chant feat. Cornell Campbell & Hi Kee – Father Says (Remix)
8. Reality Chant feat. Raggadon – Love vs War
9. Deadly Hunta – Most High Come First (Unreleased)
10. Reality Chant & Jah Red Lion – Jah Thunder Dub
11. Deadly Hunta – I Met a Girl (Reality Chant Remix)
12. Dub Terminator – Rise Above It feat. Peppery (Reality Chant Remix)
13. Tour De Force – Where Do We Go Wrong feat. Luciano (Reality Chant Remix)
14. Anblessnabi & Reality Chant – Fountain Of Life
15. Hi Kee – Self Reliance (Reality Chant Remix)
16. Hi Kee – Self Reliance (Messenjah & LQ dub Remix)
17. Reality Chant feat. Earl Sixteen – The System (Remix – Unreleased)
18. Deadly Hunta – No Careless Ethiopian (Dubplate)
19. Deadly Hunta – State Of Affairs (Unreleased)
20. Stikki Tantafari – So Jah Jah Say
21. Stikki Tantafari – So Jah Jah Say (Dub Terminator Remix)
22. Natty King – Fyah Bed (House Of Riddim version)
23. Natty King – Fyah Bed (Steezie Wonder Remix)
24. Dubwize & Raggadon – Sound The Gong (Unreleased)
25. Silva MC – We See Dem (Unreleased version)
26. Silva MC – We See Dem (Max RubaDub Remix)
27. Basscamp, Messenjah & Raggadon – The Crossovera

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