The Burning Soundz Crew launched in 2016, on a mission to bring live dub mixing and MC freestyle culture to the New Zealand reggae sound system scene. Their homegrown riddims and live dubbing was instantly a hit with the sound system crowd, and when local MCs stepped up to freestyle the excitement in the dance was electric!

One of the first MCs to take the mic was Max Shotta, who quickly became a firm favorite and regular mic man for the crew. Some of Max’s freestyles developed into full songs and one of the first ever, ‘Blessed People’ is now selected for release.

Max is now Melbourne-based with his own Afro Dancehall crew, The Shottaz. The crew caught up with him to hear his memories of recording the tune and his time with Burning Soundz.

‘Those early dances were really exciting and it was awesome to see familiar, regular faces in the crowd. ‘Blessed People’ is a nod to those people and everyone that approaches life with a positive outlook and makes an effort to generate good vibes in all walks of life. This tune is intended to uplift people that follow the righteous path. Big love to all the New Zealand crew!’

Burning Soundz are pleased to announce the release of their single ‘Blessed People’, available on most digital platforms and on Bandcamp.

More info:
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