Snypa Levi - The Sojourner



Known throughout New Zealand and internationally as Australasia’s premier exponents of authentic roots dancehall music, Dubwize, present their new 16 track CD album – the first solo release by Snypa Levi – The Sojourner.

Snypa Levi – The Sojourner is the culmination of the crew’s musical journey through rhythm and rhyme.  It follows on from their previous releases, To the Control Tower (2002) and Reality Chant (2003), both albums building strong foundations for the group while also being instrumental in defining the contemporary Aotearoa reggae landscape. 

All tracks on the album were produced by Gabriel ‘Messenjah’ Calcott, founder of the Reality Chant label.  Along-with fellow Dubwize member, Nava ‘Confucius’ Thomas, Messenjah has fused together a mix of Snypa’s powerful vocals, some of the country’s best session musicians and his own expertly crafted rhythms, creating an album that brings together both tight digital programming and heavy one-drop roots.

With special guest vocal appearances from Jah Mason (JA), Raggadon (Eskimo Squad, UK) and Tuff Enchant (Zimbabwe).

The philosophy of the Reality Chant Label is the promotion of roots and culture to uplift the people through the positive message of reggae music, love, unity and the teachings of Rastafari.

As Snypa states: ‘What has inspired me to press on, is finally accepting the fact that I was put on this earth to deliver the message of “one love” through my music.

Respect your parents, siblings, the people you meet each day. Show people the joy we get from reggae music. As the torch-bearers for reggae, we need to lead by example, showing a united front, supporting one another.  Spread the gospel of reggae music, all of us fans know the power of it.’

Track Listing:

1.   Intro 2.   Country Living
3.   Rasta…Be Militant
4.   Can’t Take
5.   First Sight
6.   Meet U @ 9
7.   Get Down To It
8.   Inna The Dance (Feat. Raggadon & Tuff Enchant)
9.   Sojourner
10. I Press On
11. Aotearoa Teach Them
12. Purify
13. Face Reality (Feat. Jah Mason)
14. Decent and Polite
15. Men of Athens
16. Dub of Athens

Live Shows:

Christchurch – Thursday 29 May @ The Civic with Luciano & Mikey General
Dunedin – Friday 30 May @ Sammies with Luciano & Mikey General
NZ tour dates TBA