NiceUp promotes reggae and bass music and culture in Aotearoa, New Zealand and world-wide.

We formed in 2005 with a vision to shine light on reggae in New Zealand and connect and build the community. Starting with the website, providing a dedicated space online for reggae in Aotearoa. Progressing to running sessions in our home town Wellington, then nationwide. And quickly expanding to show and tour coordination with artists from around the globe.

Our purpose remains the same, we promote people and music we love and believe in.

We are a community-based, collaboration-focused organisation with crew around the world. Link up, we would love to hear from you.


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The team

Art Official

Art originates from Newtown, Wellington, where he played an active part in the bass music scene. A long-time innovator, he co-founded NiceUp, runs Newtown Sound and is an accomplished radio presenter, producer and multi-instrumentalist. Combining his DJ skills with turntablism, Art has a love for tough 80s digital, rub a dub, heavy roots, and the best in dancehall influenced hip-hop. Currently based in France, he continues with music production projects and artistic collaborations.

Conviction Roots

Originally hailing from Wellington, New Zealand, I have been a collector and selector since 2002. I started out with an interest in Asian underground and drum n bass, which naturally led me into reggae. The Roots Foundation sessions in Wellington left a lasting impression on me and sowed the seed for what was to come. Upon moving to the UK in 2001, I heard reggae played on a proper heavyweight sound system for the first time. From then on it became my main music focus and I have been hooked ever since. I love all styles from ska through to steppers and believe there is room for everyone in reggae, but my first love is 70s roots from the golden era.

DJ Crazyeye

Growing up in Whakatane and moving to Wellington in the late-90s saw Josh Twaddle surrounded by the Capital’s roots sound. From Trinity Roots, Fat Freddy’s Drop and Kora to the legendary Roots Foundation sessions, all of these sounds have heavily influenced his musical taste ever since. After a short stint in London, Josh linked up with the NiceUp crew on his return to Wellington. While early-80s digital reggae and dancehall is a focus, Josh also enjoys hearing contemporary producers who have been influenced by this era and reinterpret the style. With a background in design and documentary making, Josh is helping connect New Zealand reggae culture to the world.

Hawk i

Born and raised in Wellington, New Zealand, selector Hawk i resides in Melbourne, Australia. He has deejayed around Aotearoa and worked tirelessly in Wellington, bringing high energy and vibes to all of his sets. Also an experienced radio selector, he co­-hosted the weekly Roots and Culture and Homebass shows on Radio Active. Hawk i enjoys the challenge of working with MCs and singers to take music and dances to new levels. As part of the NiceUp Crew he has worked on national and international tour promotion, music reviews, interviews, film screenings, and generally bigging up reggae culture.

The Groove Thief

An American dub and reggae connoisseur previously based out of Hong Kong, The Groove Thief [TGT] is now living in Denver, Colorado, USA. Beyond his frequent mixes, he’s also a radio host for KGNU on its “Reggae Transfusion” and “Dub Palace” shows; an interviewer and reviewer for NiceUp, his own, as well as other outlets like Dub-Stuy Records and Global Reggae Charts magazine. In addition, he’s a co-founder of the Pomegranate Sounds record label. Through all his efforts, he’s rapidly becoming a leading American voice celebrating reggae and sound system culture.

Venus Hi Fi

With a love and passion for bass music and culture, Venus co-founded NiceUp in 2005. This began with the website and a vision to create an online space for the promotion of New Zealand reggae and linking worldwide. She later began running local events which quickly developed into coordination of tours and shows for artists from around the world. Venus co-manages the website, and runs tours and NiceUp projects.