Our Crucial Selection is Alpha Steppa featuring Sista Awa – Chain Breaker.  This tune means a lot to both of us for many reasons.

This is from the DUBPL8 series from Steppas Records and is only available on a 7” hand-cut, hand-numbered polyvinyl picture disc.  It features artwork by Alpha Steppa’s mum Eve and there are only 300 copies of it worldwide.

Dub Koala was out when it dropped on the Steppas Records website and there were issues with the website crashing, due to demand and overloading.  I was patiently reloading the page but the site kept crashing. After many reloads I managed to get one in the cart and couldn’t believe my luck when I got through the checkout process without a hitch.  It was sold out within minutes of the purchase going through.

We both love this tune for Alpha Steppa’s top quality production and Sista Awa’s powerful voice and message.  It is storytelling in song form with a real feeling of freedom that comes from the music and message.

The journey of wanting to build a sound system began from going to an Alpha Steppa dance on Heartical Hi-Fi (now Heartical Hi Powa) in Melbourne. That event literally changed the course of our lives by planting the sound system seed, so it will be a real full circle moment to be able to play this tune on our sound system.

We purchased this crucial tune when the sound system was in its infancy, with just the tops being built.  Chain Breaker was a specific selection to be played on the sound – it will be a very happy moment to hear this in all its glory at a Dub Divination Sound System dance for the first time!

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