‘Step in the Arena’ by Gang Starr is the first track that really got me hooked on hip hop. The first time I heard it I was mesmerised by the breakbeats and jazz samples. Guru’s lyrics and delivery also sounded fresh to me, cool and easy but serious and intelligent.

I had never heard anything like it before and still listen to it 25 years on. The sounds of the breaks and bass was what appealed to me in Jungle. ‘Step In The Arena’ is where I first heard that breaks and bass sound.

I first owned the album on cassette and almost wore it out, once dropping it in a puddle, but it kept going. It was only recently I got this 12 inch, with three instrumental tracks on the b-side that are not on the LP. It’s well worth tracking down.

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LQ runs the Dub, Steppers and Jungle vinyl label Echo Chamber Sound