VP Records (2007)

For those established fans of international ragga-pop star Shaggy, that unique voice is still there. If you have paid little attention since hearing Oh Carolina and Bombastic way back in the 90s, that unique voice is still there. Intoxication has 17 shaggy tracks, including 6 collaborations with other artists which does add welcome diversity to Shaggy’s signature gravel-bass vocals.

Most impressive is Bonafide Girl featuring Rik Rok and Tony Gold. This one has qualities of their previous collaboration on Oh Carolina. Other tracks include the electro-tinged Can’t Hold Me and Out of Control featuring Rayvon and a bouncy dancehall bass line. Unless you also enjoy Akon its best to skip track 13, What’s Love, as this collaboration is testimony to the commercial appeal of crossing reggae rhythms with sentiment of mainstream R&B chorus lines.

Intoxication also finds the Mr lover lover getting serious with Church Heathen criticizing organized religion, and Mad Mad World commenting on social ills with input from Collie Budz and Sizzla! Full credit due, although Shaggy delivering a conscious message just seems less convincing than his forte as bombastic party man.

Shaggy will hope this album improves on moderate success of last release in 2005. However Intoxication is lacking the infectious quality to warrant high rotation.

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