Meditronica is a dub project by Ashtech and Polcari and features the talents of Dub Gabriel and Eraldo Bernocchi along with vocalists Raiz and Poppy Kinlogh. The album is due for release in June 2009 on the new London-based record label RareNoise. First a little bit about the album itself.

On my first listening, I was surprised at the eclectic soundscape which ranges from being heavy dub to ambient with a strong bassline underscoring the entire album. The most striking feature of this album is the blend of the Mediterranean with electronica and dub. I particularly liked the combination of a global sound interwoven throughout the album, which was fairly subtle and did not take away from its primary genre of dub-electronica.

A second listening made the musical nuances and rhythms clearer for me. The musicians on this album are all highly skilled at layering the songs. I began to recognise the unique tapestry this album weaves around its rhythm and melody. While I recommend playing this music out aloud on your best hi-fi, I have to admit that I enjoyed listening to it on my headphones even more. I felt transported to an ethereal world and did not want to return!

As I mentioned earlier, this great album is the collaborative project of Ashtech and Polcari. In the making of the album they have also involved other artists of a high calibre to produce the music that is Meditronica.

With a solo album in his name, Ashtech has already proven his mettle as an artist, bassist and producer.  His skills are undeniable on Meditronica where the bassline is smooth and flawless and the production of the music is clean, complex and strong. His co-collaborator on the album is Polcari who has worked with heavyweights like Horace Andy and Bill Laswell. His skills as a keyboard player and composer resonate throughout this album.

While being the core producers of Meditronica, Ashtech and Polcari have worked with various artists on the album to give it the eclectic flavour it undoubtedly has. Dub Gabriel with his producing skills and the guitarist and sound designer Eraldo Bernocchi have also contributed their ideas and influenced the making of this album both as co-conspirators as well as musicians.

Alongside them all, is the vocalist Raiz who has worked with a talented range of musicians like Massive Attack, Adrian Sherwood and Zion Train. Vocalist Poppy Kinlogh adds a special flavour through spoken word on a track. Both vocalists enrich the album and add to the Mediterranean feel on this album.

Composition throughout Meditronica is smooth, lilting and subtly complex which will make you want to listen to the album again and again. This is testament to the collaborative style of all the artists on this album. Definitely an album you want in your personal music collection.

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