Beam Up, the German organization whose self-described mission is ‘Dubbing The World,’ has certainly done that on their latest limited-edition 7″ release, “Divers” b/w “Kick Off.” The label’s second release on wax takes inspiration from two classic riddims (Massaneh’s “Permissions” and the Roots Radics’ “Dematerialize”), rebuilding them for the modern era.

“Divers” is the clear winner here, with tasteful dub effects wobbling in-and-around a thick groove and a shuffling skank. The heavy rhythm section works well with the engaging trombone, pulling the listener into a heady world where past meets future in the dance. Much of modern dub attempts to be timeless, aiming to recreate a vintage sound but within a modern aesthetic framework, and in that regard this track is a total success.

On the reverse, “Kick Off” is intriguingly ambitious with its elements – interweaving a teasing melodica with a soaring Eastern-inspired organ melody – but ends up more as an afternoon chiller than a dancehall filler. Still, this is another polished production, and the subtle echoes are right on point during the outro.

Buy it for “Divers” – a reviewer-tested crowd-pleaser – but “Kick Off” will surely have its place when you’re selecting east of the river Nile. [insert cheesy Star Trek-influenced “Beam Up” comment here]

Available only on vinyl, although a fairly complete preview is available via Youtube: