When: Saturday 6 July

Where: Havana – 32 Wigan Street, Wellington

NiceUp Crew kick off Black Market – a new regular producers showcase session, hosted by K*Saba and Art Official.

This month featuring special guests, Pea Stew and Naram.

Pea Stew: Between banging beats with Brockaflowersaurus-Rex and bringing the bass to Louis Baker and The Thomas Oliver Band, Pea Stew a.k.a Pedro Strowlsburg a.k.a Pat Stewart a.k.a Padraig Strowlini has been slaving over a hot MPC to bring to the world the sounds bouncing around inside his head.

He weaves soundscapes and beats in to an electronic hip hop blanket for your mind that is warm but sometimes a bit itchy, luscious but at times challenging.

Naram: Dub/dancehall producer from Jahtari / Echo Chamber Sound, teaming up with Art Official on this night, performing live tracks on their 80s keyboard synths.

K*Saba: Producer / Musician repping the Ohariu-Belmont hillside harder than Peter’s ever Dunne it. Less hair and bowtie, more Johnsonville beats and black market tactics.

Art Official: DJ / Musician / Broadcaster / Producer from Newtown Sound and NiceUp Crew.

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