Born as Roy Thompson out of the parish of Portland, Bugle is a stand out in the very overcrowded dancehall scene and a personal favourite of mine. 

Mentored by Elephant Man in the early 2000s, he slowly made a name for himself in the Caribbean. It wasn’t until 2007 that word came to him that Serani of production/writing house, Daseca, wanted to work with him. It was then I first heard him. The 2007/08 banger ‘DOH’ caught my attention, a tune I thrashed and made anyone and everyone within a 5km radius of me listen to over and over again, mostly not by choice.

I have followed and listened to Bugle closely ever since. He has a large influence on me when I select riddims and is an artist I look for when I run tunes. I always thought Bugle and Richie Spice were very similar. I’m not sure why I made this comparison, but even more so recently with Bugle growing a beard and wrapping his locks, and picking more conscious riddims to record over. This man has an amazing vocal range, sometimes changing up so much he doesn’t sound like himself. He is also comfortable recording on any riddim, from roots to bashment. Bugle is the man.

‘Did It Again’ on the Reggae Island riddim out of the RazzAttack Muzik production house, is an awesome, rocky reggae riddim that is one of those head nodding, toe tapping numbers. It is by no means an instant classic, but it is a great tune. This is testament to the man Bugle himself and his amazing talent, it is a tune you could play to your none reggae fanatic friends that I’m sure they would enjoy. I’m unsure of the meaning behind the lyrical content, but it seems to be Bugle well-wishing a friend that continually messes up, what a nice guy!

I only just came across this tune and am looking forward to hearing which other artists lend their voices to this riddim.


Bless Up
Danny Two Chains