Last week saw the passing of yet another legend. The world will miss one of the most vocally gifted singers to emerge out of Jamaica.

William Clarke AKA Bunny Rugs was the lead singer for Third World. His voice can be heard soulfully souring on many of their tracks, including their stellar hit ‘Now That We Found Love’, which is a true testimony to this.

In 1975 prior to joining Third World, Bunny recorded an album for Lee Perry under the name of Bunny Scott, titled ‘To Love Somebody’. This album contains the track ‘What’s The Use’, which is my track for the week.

This track displays Bunny’s warm, soulful vocals under a melodious Upsetter rhythm track. This soulful delivery has been synonymous throughout Bunny’s recording career.

The album contained Bunny’s rendition of many rock and soul tracks. The title track is a cover of a Bee Gees song. The track ‘What’s The Use’ sounds like a cover, but I have not been able to track down its origin, and sadly I did not get to ask Bunny about it, so we can only speculate.

What cannot be disputed is the songs beauty. The tale of a one-sided love affair and the despair it brings, is sweetly conveyed by the wonderful voice of the late William ‘Bunny Rugs’ Clarke.

Mark Professor, (Wreck It Up Crew/ Stereocity Sound/ Soca Saga Boys/ The Reference Library, London)