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I reviewed a tune from Courtney John earlier this year, after I first discovered this modern day lovers rock champion. He has a voice that really sounds like no other modern day reggae recording artist. A smooth falsetto crooner matched with impeccable song writing skills has Courtney sitting high on top of the modern-day lovers rock throne.

This album doesn’t miss a beat. It has some very Peckings sounding production could have you thinking this album was made thirty years ago. It was in fact released in July 2012, and the much anticipated release of this album has been met with rave reviews from not just reggae fans, but all music lovers from all corners of the globe. Strangely classed as world music, it has hints of soul, jazz, Latin and is very reminiscent of the late Gregory Isaacs.

A collection of immaculately produced gems makes it hard to pick out a favorite. ‘Like Magic’ and ‘Love Is’ are standouts for me personally, but in saying that it is an easy album to play from start to finish (and repeat).

This is music that could be played anywhere, at any time and will even have the biggest wallflowers dipping. For a taste of what’s on the album check out Courtney John’s MySpace.

Let’s hope we see him here on our shores on day.

Bless up.