Super Cat – Si Boops Deh (Techniques, 1985)

Epic. This was my first Super Cat album. Way back when in my record shop I sold it countless times. Everyone loves it. Everyone loves Super Cat. He is a favourite. His music booms so much. Of all DJ’s, musically and vibes wise he has had the most impact on me.

The tunes I’ve played the most are ‘Boops’, ‘Experience Lover’, ‘Big And Ready’, ‘Tell Me What You Fighting For’ and baddest in the dancehall. Yeah – ‘Trash And Ready’, always playing it with Nicodemus’ Eagles Feather. The man is so fierce in his style to chat! Maddest lyricist too.

Of course he has a big heart for the girls, but is also very farsighted on society and always Jah Jah first. Intelligence pon great riddims. Inspirations for decades. DJ Origination as Early B would call it. Talking about the DJ tree too, talking Wild Apache and about the Wild Indians out here. Super Cat a big, big timer. He really dominated eras. Don Dada fe real. Highly respected.

Lord Sassafrass – Poccomania Jump (Black Scorpio, 1985)
Way back when in my record shop again, times when CD and mp3 selectors were just on the come up, it was mainly about records still. So lots of records were rare or super rare them times. Always on a hunt for certain tunes, riddims, labels or artists. Sometimes looking for a special one for years.

One really rare artist to get on vinyl was always Sassafrass. As an artist, kinda mysterious too. Because if you listen to Super Cat a lot, in his early years the man is often giving shouts to Sassa, and even firing shots in ‘Ride And Shut Off’. It was a counteraction to Sassafrass’ ‘Classical Showdown’ which is featured on the ‘Poccomania Jump’ LP.

Lord Sassafrass the great, the original Horseman. The first DJ on Black Scorpio sound system, the DJ who made the sound big in the early days. He was later teacher to the great General Trees and a lot of other big artists from the Horsemen crew around the Black Scorpio sound. Like Echo Minott, Mikey Melody, Burru Banton, Lady G, Earl 16 and especially Shelly Thunder the Younger Horsewoman. He originated the whole Horseman style, as well as the Poccomania style in the dancehall mid-80s. One out of just a few originators in this era.

Information about certain, specially underrated artists was really rare to get to at them times before Myspace and Facebook. It was me and friends like Jah Bone and Vinneyman the Outlaw, all of us selecting. We were always discussing and exchanging info bout Sassafrass, he was one of our favourites.

We only knew the man went to New York in the mid-80’s and played on big sounds from those days like GT Hi-Power, LeoTone, Third World etc. And then he left the business in 91′ after getting ripped off with his tune ‘Step Up In Life’ with Barrington Levy. Being done with the business behind the music, he moved to  Canada. No one heard any more. We always kept an eye on him.

While buying records for my shop at Jet Star UK, I found stock of his second LP ‘Poccomania Jump’ in their huge storage in Harlesden. I bought it all, I sold it quick. Of course a copy was mine too. Epic. So in love with this DJ and the record. It was all so rare, the vinyl was never repressed and came to me so naturally. Bim. Record business at it’s best. Talking about digging treasures.

Then when Myspace came up it was great times. Because all of a sudden it was so easy to link with people from all over the world and all your favourite artists. I will always remember the day I saw Sassafrass’ profile there, I couldn’t believe it. I was working as an artist agent too, so I was fortunately able to get the man back on stage after 20 years, while a few promoters failed with that before. He sounded fresh like he never left.

I went on tour with him twice, in 2008 with Black Scorpio and Echo Minott. There were 12 shows in 6 countries. First of all he became a teacher to me. He taught me a lot all around the Horseman style, Jamaican culture, music industry and such. Along the way I started to DJ myself. Super special to have this great and favourite DJ as your teacher when being an apprentice. A1 class.

That said, the ‘Poccomania Jump’ LP is musically, vibes wise and specially in a spiritual way, an absolute jewel in my record collection. Such thing you keep life long. Also his first album ‘The Horseman Connection’ is really deep into the vibe of that early 80s-era.

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