There is a lot of good, well-produced reggae around at the moment, and the reggae coming out of the U.K. is no exception.

Here we have a track produced by Curtis Lynch Jnr for his Necessary Mayhem label. Curtis has released nuff big tunes for nuff big artists, but what I like about him is the knack he has of taking the old-school and giving it a nu-school twist via his unique production technique.

Here he uses Errol Scorcher’s ‘Frog Inna Water’ sample from ’79/’80 and beefs it up with his signature killer b-line and hard-hitting kicks and snares.

And like the proverbial ‘icing on the cake’, he adds the soulfully smooth vocals of one of U.K.s finest vocalists, Shola Ama, and marries it with the U.K’s leading grime MCs, Stush & Big Fris (Boy Better Know), to make this a bonafide U.K. banger!

The roots/steppers pace is the same BPM (beats per minute) of most hip-hop/grime nowadays, so it is nothing for the vocalists to ‘get their flow on’ this.  This is already taking life on the airwaves in U.K. and set to be a summer scorcher too. Big tune!

Keith Lawrence
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