Dancehall Queen

Dancehall Queen Australia 2008 is a mix CD created, essentially, to promote Surgeon General Sound’s nationwide dancing contest, of the same name.  The competition was established in 2007 and has heats in five of Australia’s main cities, with the 2008 grand final in Sydney on November 15. Australia has an enthusiastic soundclash scene at the moment, and it’s great to see yet another aspect of the culture and music being promoted hard over there.

The C.D. is strictly dancehall tunes, and strictly big, big tunes. D.J.’s K Note and Nick Toth have selected some of the biggest dancing tunes of the last few years, and also thrown in a couple of 90s gems – pure edutainment!
Stand out dancing tunes include Beenie Man’s ‘Row Like a Boat’, Busy Signal’s ‘Wine Pon Di Edge’, and the dance which has probably caused more neck injuries than any other, the ‘Dutty Wine’ by Tony Matterhorn. That being said, nearly every tune here is a massive dancing tune and, fittingly for a dancehall queen contest, most of the dances represented are strictly for the ladies – that’s right fellas, the ‘Hot Wuk’ and ‘Dutty Wine’ are not for you!
This mix will appeal especially to dancehall/bashment fans, providing some big new tunes, such as ‘Click Mi Fingers’ by Erup, as well as some cuts on  riddims that were massive several years ago like ‘Coolie Dance’, ‘Red Alert’, and ‘Masterpiece’ – a nice trip down memory lane. It also, as mentioned, includes a few big 90′ tunes, including Beenie Man’s ‘Romie’ and Shabba Ranks’ ‘Ting a Ling’.
The Dancehall Queen Australia 2008 mix C.D. is up to di time, packed full of massive dances and hype vibes, encapsulating everything a dancehall queen contest should be. Just add Gyal!
Al Good