Danny T and Tradesman combine forces on this digital rub-a-dub 12″, appropriately released on Pure Niceness Records. With three quality vocal versions plus the riddim, this is a well-rounded piece of wax from King HiFi Sound System’s new label and a suitable followup to the Mr Williamz and Crystalaz pairing “Pull Over” that dropped earlier in 2014.

Frequent Fogata Sounds collaborator Troy Berkley has the title track, his mid-range intonation fitting the booming bass nicely as he speaks the truth to those deep in the dance, reminding them to ‘skin and pull out’ since ‘she no ready yet, nah she no ready yet.’ Not sponsored by Trojan… yet? Responsible and conscious, which is great to hear.

Ranking Levy’s playful style turns the potentially woeful “Money Trouble” into an enjoyable lyrical ride. Moving from the titular catchy chorus to the opening idiom ‘money is the root of every evil,’ before drawing on both the conspiratorial ‘well, bank is controlled by illuminati, and the capitalist system try to brainwash we’ and even the everyday ‘poor man’s struggle’ of needing to change a tire. A solid spin on a tried-and-true topic.

“Bubble Up,” in contrast, is strictly a party tune (good thing, since it seems to leave homosexual couples in the lurch). Missed opportunity for social commentary aside, with spliff burnt and dancing shoes on, Ill Mega nobly – or maybe its just boastfully? – volunteers: ‘bubble up, bubble up, bubble up, me and my girl right now fi cudle up, so we say bubble up, bubble up, bubble up, every man to a woman, yeah, so we double up.’ Digital dancehall romance at its finest.

The riddim itself is an upbeat affair, bouncy yet nuanced. The digital bassline steps at all the right moments, and the breakdown creates a nice platform for a skilled live performer. Short and to the point at under three minutes, this is designed for maximum impact. Vinyl is available from Pure Niceness directly (limited digital also for sale by request), or through Rasta Vibes.

The Groove Thief

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