(Black Seed 7″)

There are many examples of multi-versioning about. Foundation riddims given outing after outing, being updated through the years. Possibly my favorite riddim is the one called ‘Burial’.

Of all the cuts, vocal, deejay and instrumental, this is an absolute peach. It has big, fat horns but a loser arrangement. It sounds more laid back then the well rehearsed sound of say, The Revolutionaries (there is also another brilliant version by the Channel One All Stars who I suspect are basically The Revolutionaries). A lovely, basic bass and drum version compliments it perfectly.

I don’t think Dizzy Flemming released many tunes, which is surprising given the quality of this little number. I’ve not seen the label about too much either. so it’s a one-a-way classic. I couldnt find a YouTube clip but it is the first tune on part 3 of my MixCloud recordings.

Plattsie OneVoice

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