DJ Jaz first fell in love with music in his youth, becoming obsessed with his Dad’s varied record collection, and later Hip Hop in the very early 1980s. He always aspired to be a DJ and was heavily influenced by local DJs, TP, Rhys B and Mighty Mic C from the Uncut Funk Show on Radio Active FM.

Jaz first started playing pretend radio stations in his bedroom, later rocking the latest Hip Hop tapes and records during lunchtimes at high school and on local radio station Valley FM. He then moved to Radio Active, where he joined the MVC Posse as a guest and later ran and hosted the Wednesday Nite Jam for close to fifteen years before moving to Melbourne in 2006 to see where the future would take him.

In 1990 Jaz had his first ever live gig alongside Beatnik at Wellington’s fondly remembered Cuba Cuba establishment, and he then went on to play hundreds of radio shows, pubs, bars, clubs, events and house parties,. During the 90s he also worked at a few popular record stores including the legendary Flipside store and HMV and Tandy’s.

Also becoming involved in promotion, he has been a part of parties in Wellington for the likes of Cypress Hill, De La Soul, KRS ONE, A Tribe Called Quest and Wu Tang Clan.

Jaz is still going strong playing around the Capital. His infectious passion in his sets and selections, which comprise of classic 80s and 90s Hip Hop and some modern dope records, has resulted in him sharing the stage with many talented local MCs and DJs, and a few legendary internationals including De La Soul, Ghostface Killah and Killah Priest.

He is also a writer and has worked with magazines Back 2 Basics, Live Magazine, Stealth (Australia) and his former blog Cold Rock Da Spot. He also currently manages and DJs for Wellington Hip Hop crew, Evil Mule. DJ Jaz and Evil Mule were recently invited by local legend, Heart Official, to join the release party for the Ghetto Red Hot Vol. 5 mixtape, which inspired this top ten.

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Respect to DJ Jaz for his Top Ten Ragga/Reggae-Hip Hop tunes of all time.

1. Junior Demus – You A Bad Boy (Stepsun) (1993)
2. Super Cat – Ghetto Red Hot (Columbia) (1992)
3. Louie Rankin feat. Red Hot Lover Tone – Typewriter (Mesa Recordings) (1992)
4. Shinehead – Who The Cap Fits (Elektra) (1988)
5. Capleton – Tour (Remix) (Signet) (1994)
6. Buju Banton – Make My Day (Troopa’s Jeep Mix) (Mercury) (1993)
7. Mad Lion – Take It Easy (Weeded) (1994)
8. Just Ice feat. KRS ONE – Moshitup (Fresh/Sleeeping Bag) (1987)
9. Poor Righteous Teachers – Mi Fresh (Profile) (1993)
10. Super Cat, Nicodemus, Junior Demus & Junior Cat – Cabin Stabbin (Remix) (Columbia) (1994)