Forthcoming on Steppas Records, limited pre-release on CD

This week’s tune has a special story for me, as I have been lucky enough to witness it in some unique circumstances.

The first time was at last year’s Rototom Sunsplash in Spain. The opening night of the Dub Station featured well known Spanish producer Don Fe, alongside his good friend and fellow singer/producer, Prince Jamo. In this heavily stacked dub arena, amongst a plethora of stellar unreleased dubs they were running, came a slow, eerie intro, which about a minute later erupted into a piece of absolutely brilliant UK steppas. Only to be complemented by a beautiful flute chorus which chimed in momentarily later. This was ‘Weep Not’, the much anticipated forthcoming tune by Murcia’s, Don Fe.

Literally a handful of nights later inside that same 24 scoop arena came Channel One’s Mikey Dread and Ras Kayleb, who dropped a fresh dubplate of ‘Weep Not’ with a mystery Spanish saxophonist on top. This was another brilliant addition to this already tuff tune. A haunting, floating intro leads into an equally ruff, special dub.

I then enjoyed hearing this tune two months later in an outdoor arena on sunny Piha beach, on Lion Rocker’s Hi-Fi. A top sound system tune for real, the beautifully sounding soulful flute rides on-top of an almost industrial sounding, strong drum and bass section.

Some lucky sods are going to be able to scoop it up shortly, as Steppas Records are planning to release it alongside another stinking track titled ‘Jericho’. Hopefully with all three described cuts.

You can pick up a bit of it on Don Fe’s SoundCloud or see the video from the Lion Rockers session.