(VU Recordings)

Hard hitting, energetic and vibrant is the only way to describe Emergency Basslines, the debut album by Aniruddha Das aka Dr Das. Dr Das is a veteran of the bass and the sound that can aptly be called Asian Dub, having been a founder band member of the noted Asian Dub Foundation. After leaving the band in 2006 to pursue his own musical journey and concentrate on teaching again, he has brought to us, in Emergency Basslines, a sound that is uniquely and recognizably his.

Working in collaboration with Ramjac, Dr Das has arranged and composed a digital sound that enhances his expertise with the bass while giving us heart throbbing beats that made my feet  tap, head shake  and made me want to pogo with an imaginary bass in imitation of Dr Das’ inimitable style.

With 12 tracks each with its own flavour, the genre for Emergency Basslines may be called dub in the way one may call Adrian Sherwood’s music dub. I am more inclined not to place it in one genre as such and allow it to speak to one’s hearing in whichever way they choose to perceive it.

Introduced by Emergency Bass you are already transported. The digital loops and samples call out with urgency and the bass lines reassure you that the call will be answered. The album continues this conversation and takes the listener on a journey through tumbi (an Indian folk string instrument) sounds, digital effects, hard hitting percussion loops, reverbs, samples, crazy beats and all of this in constant discourse with the bass sound that is the main feature and the voice of this album.

Just like his gaze and presence in each of his live performances, you will find this album has the same intensity and mystery that makes you keep coming back for another listen.

If good music is about a lyricist’s ability to reach your soul then this album is clearly not for you. But if you are able to hear political angst, melancholy of memories long gone, vibrancy and happiness that comes with hope and the pure love and joy that exists in music itself then this is an album you must not miss out on.