Dub Terminator

NZ-based producer Dub Terminator is becoming widely known for his unique blend of Jah heavy roots and dubstep that is strongly influenced by reggae, dub, dancehall and hip-hop.

Over the past year he has produced, remixed tracks and collaborated with the likes of Reality Chant, Natty King, John Holt, Yellowman, Sizzla, Jim Nastic aka Jim Brown, Rhombus and Rodney P, as well as an army of newly recruited MCs from Jamaica and Europe.

In 2010 his collaborations focused mainly on a musical partnership with Spanish super-selector/producer High Freequency, who took on the role of shopping beats out to Jamaican vocalists around the globe for their newly established digi label, Soul Island.

Dub Terminator and High Freequency released their first album SOUL ISLAND VOL. 1 as a digital promo release in mid-2010. After a huge amount of downloads and interest they followed this up with a full in-store NZ release for the album.

Subsequent releases include Now Is The Future Dubstep EP and Babylon Dubstep Annihilation, beats with a futuristic urbanized flavour, all available for free download.

Since teaming up with NZ reggae group Rhombus, Dub Terminator has been touring constantly throughout NZ, both as a guest MC for the Rhombus In Dub show, and showcasing the Dub Terminator sound-system set, mashing up tunes direct from the studio to the stage with a hi-tec Ableton Live setup. This has enabled him to bring his live digidub and dubstep set to the dance floor, with a crystal clear sound and some of the most heavy and pure moog bass in the land.

More info:
Dub Terminator website

Nuff respect to Dub Terminator for his Top Ten Toys to make music on for March 2011.

1. Minimoog Voyager Synthesizer

2. Roland Space Echo

3. 72 Telecaster Custom Guitar

4. Korg MS2000B Synthesizer

5. Polymoog Synthesizer

6. Electro Harmonix Memory Toy

7. Novation Supernova Synthesizer

8. Ableton Live

9. Pro Tools

10. Akai MPC4000