Bless Burning Sound Records 12″

I can’t say enough about the productions that come out of the A-Lone Ark Muzik studio. Roberto Sanchez, comandante in charge of this studio, keeps pearling out heavy weight roots business, and this one from 2012 is my Track of the Week.

Jamaican born Earl 16, whose voice and lyrics have remained pure over five decades now, comes with a fresh take on Devon Iron’s “Ketch Vampire” single, originally cut for the original dub master Lee Perry way back in the mid 70s. Earl’s voice continues to cut through with melodically brilliance, singing this militant message over Sanchez’s heavy weight analog built riddim which drops incredibly heavy on a proper sound system or hi-fi.

In these times where modern roots music is seeing a nice resurgence, it is Roberto Sanchez and a handful of European and UK producers like him who are really pressing out quality productions, from the recording of the instrumentation, voicing, mastering, dubbing and pressing, which shines through on this record.

It’s tough to get your hands on a copy of this limited edition 12″ which came out just two years ago, but if you do you’ll be well rewarded to hear the accompanying dub from Roberto, then two extra cuts on the flip. One by veteran Linval Thompson called “Hit Me With The One Drop”, and a decent fourth cut called “Back to the Roots” by Sistah Lore, who I believe is of Spanish decent with this possibly being her first release.

Of course this record comes with a wicked picture sleeve showing all those involved with the making of this record and key info on the back too.

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