Rural album cover

Hailing from one of Europe’s oldest cities, Belgrade, Serbia, FC Apatride Utd released this single on 12″ vinyl last year on Urban Sedated Records.

The theme of the song matches the bands organic sound, with production handled by the band’s vocalist, Abdelraheem Kheirawi. The rhythm section of Dragan Stanic ‘Gaggie’ and Senad Isic ‘Sekey’ on bass and drums, provide a rock solid foundation of heavy roots-fueled dub. Played at a meditative tempo with serious conviction and enough space to allow for some superb guitar work from Vladan Jonovic ‘Vlaychelo’ and the lead vocals of Kheirawi.

If the FC Apatride Utd sound was a loaf of bread, it would be wholemeal. The main vocals are backed up by harmonies, helping to emphasise the strong and serious messages in the songs. Rural draws on the ital principles of self sufficient living, respect of the land and of the people who work and nurture it. The B-side is Lovin, a song promoting love in the harsh living conditions of today’s world.

Recently released this month is the follow up 12″ by FC Apatride Utd, War Party(Urban Sedated Records – the fair-trade record label specializing in Reggae and Roots influenced music from around the world).

From the Urban Sedated Records website: ‘Urban Sedated Records is dedicated to Fair Trade: As a label we operate an equal exchange policy, giving the artist 50% of the sales, directly opposed to the 7-12% from a standard record contract. The artist retains the copyright of their music (Authors rights) and enters into a non-exclusive agreement allowing us to promote and sell their music’.

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