Sky High Imprint – JA (1984)

This killer reasonably rare 7″ came to my attention on a recent visit to the Kindred Sound System yard in Christchurch. I had a copy of a 2011 relick produced by Chazbo featuring King General. I was intrigued when Richie Kindred informed me that this tuff Salomon Heritage 12″ was a descendent of the Fire Facts original, which after a long time searching for it, he had recently picked up.

He flung it down and as soon as he put it on it was pure niceness. A quick drum lick presents an unrelenting meditative bass line which runs below this track. Lovely punchy drum work and some subtle percussion drums make for an addictive digital roots tune.

On top of this fine riddim is a wicked vocal performance by the melodical trio known as Fire Facts. On the label they are credited as Paul Smith, Wade Dyer, and Michael Miller. Who the main singer is remains a mystery but what is for sure is they work in cahoots brilliantly. The lyrics are hard hitting and even though they are 30 years old, remain contemporary. Sung in a beautifully eerie way, this tune somehow leaves a ray of light amongst its darkness.

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