Hi Grade Ganja Anthems 2 cover

Greensleeves have been pressing quality high grade singles and albums for as long as I have been looking for good music, and when it comes to Jamaica, good music is a dime a dozen, that is why they have such a strict level of quality.  And you could argue that 98.9 percent of Jamaican music goes far beyond the tag of ‘good’.

Hi Grade Ganja Anthems is one of those no brainer compilations, and I don’t mean that cos they smoke too much. The link between Reggae music and smoking ganja is as thick as blood. So the verbal praise of the sensi is as standard as a bowl of goat curry and a Red Stripe is to a good night out at the local sound-clash. They could literally keep pumping these out till they hit three figures.

This is but the second in the series and it’s jam packed. I think the formula is this; top tune at the beginning, then follow by another, then another then another till CD is full. You will need three papers per splif you gwaan roll before you forward on this.

HGGA2 kicks off with the old school in a big way with The Mighty Dimonds’ ‘Pass The Kutchie’, the original of a version made world famous by The Musical Youth. Then some Jacob Miller, Rankin Joe, Sugar Minot, Eek -A -Mouse –  I’m thinking this should have been titled ‘Titans Of Reggae Sing The Ganja Anthems’. And just when you where loving the old roots, in comes Morgan Heritage with ‘Give We A License’.

From here the comp takes a turn and begins to bring you forward in time with the digital sounding ‘Rush On The Tonic’ by Mykal Rose. Then come the new school, Warrior King, Richie Spice, Chuck Fenda, Sizzla, Ward 21 and Vybez Kartel, none drop the chalice and the fire keeps on burning.This compilation stays blazingly true to its claim.

There is not one weak tune here, no cabbage, seeds nor stork, the only adverb they forgot on the title of this comp is ‘strictly’, I know its been used to death but it so deserves it, stamped on the front in big red ink, like a warning.

Hi Grade Ganja Anthems is a mostly a reggae compilation, by that I mean; No Dancehall, until the last track by Vybez Kartel, which seems slightly out of place, or is that the link to volume 3?  If it had to be included, and I’m not arguing its validity, it makes sense to be the last song. Best enjoyed outside in the sun, with mates, beers, BBQ and plenty ganja. If none are present, press play and turn up to ten, many if not all will soon come.

Don Luchito