NiceUp talks to UK producer and selector, Cotti, reaching our shores this November.

First up can you introduce yourself and give the readers a bit of info about your musical background?

Yo, my name’s Cotti, I make dubstep and I also used to be involved in the UK grime scene.  I started out making UKG or Garage and I’ve been making music for about ten years now.  I’m currently involved in the growing dubstep scene and travel the world playing my own unique style of dubstep (vocal/dub) in many clubs and festivals in many different towns and cities.

You visited NZ last year – where did you do gigs and what were your impressions of the country and the scene over here?

Yeah, I came over last year to play and even spent my birthday there in Auckland with Barry and Kat from the Dubstep Alliance Crew.  And I must say I really enjoyed my time in New Zealand, it’s a beautiful country and I look forward to coming again.  As for the dubstep scene, people seem to be really involved and you’ve got some good nights going on there too as well as some very good producers.

How is the scene progressing and changing in London at the moment?

It’s getting to a very good point now where many producers are able to make a career from making the music they love and now even your average Joe Blogs has heard of dubstep which is nice to know!  Plus there are now tonnes of events focused on dubstep as well as just drum n bass, house etc.

Who are some of your favourite artists/producers/selectors? Who are you feeling right now?

To be honest I’m very fussy but I really like Coki’s stuff as well as Silkie.  As for other artists, I’m trying to bring through a couple myself, so look out for 2Nice, Mr Party and Irah, part of the Sumting New Movement.

How big an influence does reggae and dancehall play on your selections?

I believe it has a very big influence within a lot of my productions and therefore my selection too but that’s not to say I don’t have other styles too.  I try to keep a good balance within my productions, I mean I got darkside bangers too as well as reggae influenced tracks.

What kind of styles can people expect you to be dropping at the gigs?

Like I said earlier it will be a balanced selection which will include various vocals with both reggae and grime influences.  I really like co-producing as well and I’ve got a couple new ones from myself and Coki frm DMZ as well as Chef.

7. Any last words for the massive?

I just wanna big up my New Zealand crew and tell them to look out for my new label and artist movement, Sumting New.  I’m looking forward to coming over again!

Real Hustler featuring Cotti & End of Da Road (Cotti & DJ Chef)
Plus 4-track EP download only – Sumting Newish EP

The Show
Sumting New

Gig dates:
Christchurch – Fri 20 Nov @ Concrete Club with Tes La Rok
Wellington – Sat 21 Nov @ Sandwiches
Auckland – Fri 27 Nov @ Fu

More info:
Cotti Myspace
Sumting New Myspace

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